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A Day in the Life of Emma Dowling, Co-Creator of Organic Index

Organic Index offers a calm, confident and natural experience through a sophisticated and welcoming environment.

With a home base in Brisbane, Australia, Organic Index is the result of the shared passion of sisters Rebecca Medcalf, Emma Dowling, and Melissa Krueger that beauty and wellness are inseparable. Combining their business experience, values and world view gained from extensive global expeditions, with a passion for artisan crafted body products, they took the opportunity to work on something they truly believed in to channel their efforts into a unique index of all things good for your skin.

Organic Index is just that – the embodiment of a little black book that signals the arrival of a new way of looking after yourself – the best selection of exceptionally crafted, natural and organic body products that can make a difference to your skin, your wellbeing and your life. Organic Index is built on a vision to be the ultimate, on-trend collection of natural, organic and crafted body products sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand.

Every day at Organic Index we work towards changing the face of the beauty industry by delivering an unmatched customer experience that brings you exceptional creations. The underlying truth is that if you find a natural, beautiful body product and you love it, you will wear it, and share it.

Emma says: “This year has been huge for my sisters and I as we opened our brand new business, Organic Index, which is an online and a physical retail store in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington. I have loved stepping up to meet the challenges of founding a brand new business, along with being a mum, partner, sister and friend.  My usual day can look very different depending what the business is calling for, family commitments and even where my energy levels are at on weekends.

My secret weapon for coping with what life throws up for me in a day is having a very strong morning routine. I am usually awake by 5.30am, up and strolling with my partner and puppy by then. Exercising in morning means I never have to worry about it during the day, it is done.  I am no great athlete but I love walking. I will share a pot of coffee every morning religiously at 6am with my partner and he and I will spend about half an hour connecting, talking and planning till he is leaves for work at 6.30am.  This is our time before our daughter wakes up and the busy-ness of the day creeps in.  

Following this I have a good breakfast with my daughter. I’ll be the first to admit that I often forget to eat lunch during the day – I get carried away with work – so this is my chance to fuel up for the day. We’ll go over her homework or read before we head out the door for the school drop. Lately we have really been making the effort to walk to school.  I’ll be home by 8.45am and start getting ready for work. I have a very simple morning routine and am currently loving the Miskin Smooth Face Cleanser. This is a cleansing oil but when water is added it turns into a creamy milk texture. I apply it in the shower, massage in and wash off with a clean warm face cloth (these are great for a gentle daily exfoliation and because you can wash them for re-use – environmentally friendly!). A good mist following cleansing is a must for me so in the morning I’ll follow with Mukti Balancing mist toner after I get out of the shower and Mukti’s Age Defiance Day Serum and  Eye serum.  

My work day starts at 9.30am, I will try not to check with social media or emails (personal or work related) before then unless it has been marked as priority. It has taken a full year for a good solid morning routine but now it is the foundation to my day.  

My sisters and I work in-store on rotation and the store is open by 9:30am from Tuesday to Saturday. We also have the online store and take pride in ensuring orders are sent (where possible) same day. This means the first thing we’ll usually do after the store is open is to check and prepare order that have come in overnight.  Then answer any emails, check the store’s social media and start unpacking and merchandising any new stock. This is all amongst helping customers that come in store to explore! The store has a really special atmosphere and we are often told by customers that they feel at home there. We love meeting new people and we’re loving the opportunity to develop wonderful relationships with them. We are on a mission to create a beautifully curated and on-trend collection of natural, crafted and ethical makeup, skin and body products focusing on makers exclusively from Australia and New Zealand.

We want to share the many beautiful alternatives that we all now have available to us. Really, we see our role is about joining our customers on a journey of exploration and education and the best part is that the quality and level of sophistication natural and organic products have reached means that by switching to natural, you are not compromising at all. In fact you are actually “levelling up” as every ingredient included in these products is there because of the benefits it provides, and not for any other reason. There are plans to expand Organic Index with a second store in 2017.

After a full day in the store, I try to spend my evenings with my partner and daughter. I also have worked out I need early nights to make sure my mornings run smoothly and I can have that time to set up for the day. Self-care isn’t just a weekly mask or a trip to the salon, it’s also about knowing what you need to be your best. After dinner, I’ll wind down and remove my makeup from the day. If we’ve gotten new stock in the store chances are I’ve been wearing a new lipstick or foundation, so it is a must that it comes off before I go to bed. I am completely converted to using oil to remove make-up and I have been using Wildcrafted Organics range for more than six months.  It removes makeup and grime from the day simply, beautifully and smells divine. I apply the cleansing oil just before I jump in the shower and again use a warm clean cloth to remove. I mist and use Wild Crafted Gorgeous serum to complete my night time ritual.  The biggest thing for me is hygiene using oils so having clean cloths in my bathroom is important for me and I believe it is so underrated as a great tip for bathrooms, they are environmentally-friendly (no disposables), they help to exfoliate gently everyday and feels indulgent and luxurious.  

With my sisters and I in start-up mode for Organic Index and being a Mum, there’s often not a lot of time for just me but I do enjoy reading (I reckon I’d read at least a book a week) and if my partner and I have time off together we’ll often head down the coast as a family to relax and get away”. 

About Emma

Emma considers herself an intrepid product explorer and is driven by the discovery of a brand that has real soul and integrity – whether it be food, clothing, accessories, skincare or makeup. Together with her sisters she founded Organic Index in 2016, bringing together more than 50 natural, crafted and ethical makeup, skin and body products focusing on makers exclusively from Australia and New Zealand in the online and physical store. She is inspired by the amount of talent she sees in her travels where people are working to bring genuine care, pride and craftsmanship back into people’s space, life, and that of family, friends and community. Consciously choosing to support and share these brands through Organic Index is her ongoing commitment to her own wellness, family, community and environment.



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