DIY Dermarolling

Whilst dermarolling in salon is a safe and effective treatment giving incredible results, is it really safe to buy your own roller and do it yourself? Just to back up for those who are new, dermarolling is the practice of rolling a wheel-like tool with hundreds of tiny needles over the skin for a few seconds, that works to create miniscule ‘wounds’ to the skin. The skin then works overtime to begin to heal these words, and in turn boosts the production of collagen.

I asked Ingrid Seaburn, a LUXit skin expert and therapist formerly based in LA with over 15 years of experience working with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, the question directly. Her answer?

“Dermarolling both professionally and at home is more popular of late than ever before! While the term sounds like something you would do on a skating rink in fitted rollerblades, it is in fact a small hand held device for creating tiny micro needled holes to ventilate and open up the epidermis, in order for better penetration of product. There are many different size options available but the professional tools are obviously more advanced than the DIY tool, which will create a certain impact but will be less effective”.

If you are using your own dermaroller at home, Ingrid’s tips are:

  • Make sure skin is thoroughly clean and dry before rolling the needles upwards and sidewards in motion over your face. Remember you are opening your skin up to product but also possible infection and bacteria, so keep your area as clean and sterile as possible.
  • Do not over roll. While the rolling is intended to a traumatic effect on skin, which cause a cellular renewal reaction that you want, it can also cause inflammation that has the reverse effect. Start slow and gentle.
  • Once your skin is freshly ventilated, apply a product like an antioxidant serum or hyaluronic acid gels to penetrate and increase skin health.
  • Use your roller no more than once a week as overuse is detrimental to skin immunity.

Remember to stay smart, and if you’re ever unsure, please consult a skin therapist to avoid causing permanent damage to your skin. Ingrid is the go-to girl for great skin, so if you’d like to enjoy a luxurious custom facial from the comfort of home, simply visit for more information.


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