Fresh New Skin, Just in Time for Summer!

Just last weekend, I was very fortunate to be treated to an advanced skin treatment experience at Tasmania’s newest beauty spot, SILK Laser Clinics, who specialise in Laser Hair Removal, Cosmetic Injections and Skin Treatments – you know, all the fun stuff!

One of the things I was most excited about – other than getting great results obviously! – was the fantastic in-store tool called the Observ 520. This is a camera that can take images of your skin, revealing its health that is not obvious to the naked eye. This provides great insight to see what treatments the SILK technicians would recommend for you, and gave my technician Nurse Lauren a complete view of my skin, to determine the best treatment going forward. In the interest of sharing, I have uploaded all the slightly scary images below, which isn’t easy lemme tell you! Interesting, we noticed that I had one cheek that was less red than the other, which Lauren said was often the case and completely normal – thank goodness!

Due to this being a onetime treatment, and not a course for best results, I didn’t take after shots straight away but I did wake up extremely refreshed the morning after and have noticed an immediate improvement in the hydration of my skin, which is one of my biggest skin goals in life.

[ image of microdermabrasion treatment at SILK Laser Clinics ]

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Nurse Lauren, who has a wealth of knowledge of all things beauty and skincare; and once armed with an understanding of my skin, performed an advanced treatment to my face including cleansing, fruit enzyme mask, a hydrating peptide infusion and finishing off with a yellow light LED light therapy. SILK Laser Clinics proudly use the Dermafrac Microdermabrasion micro-channelling system during their Microdermabrasion treatments. The device creates micro channels in the skin enabling vitamin infused serums to penetrate deeper into the dermis improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, congested oily skin, fine lines and dehydrated skin – so naturally, me.

The clinic also uses TGA* approved Healite II, an innovation in LED light therapy as a non surgical tool that uses pure light to deliver precise wavelengths for the treatment of acne, superficial skin lesions, relieving pain, promoting skin rejuvenation. This treatment will also improve skin texture and reduce breakouts, penetrating deep in the skin the Healite II works on a cellular level and stimulates the healing mechanisms of the skin. It is completely safe and suitable for all skin types.

While Nurse Lauren worked her magic on my skin, we discussed skincare in all its glory for the entire 1 hr+ period. She was so knowledgeable and mentioned that, despite what I previously believed, Vitamin A is great for dry/red skin and will strengthen skin, so that’ll be the next product I will begin to incorporate into my skin care routine.

Images in respective order

1. Daylight: This is your ‘normal’ self and the picture you would see in the mirror.

2. Cross Polarised: This image shows areas of inflammation and vascular activity.

3. Parallel Polarised: This image shows the skins texture, such as areas of enlarged pores, timelines and wrinkles.

4. True UV (this is the less ‘blue’ of the two pictures) and 5. Woods Lamp (the more ‘blue’ of the two): These pictures will show areas of sun damage, oil flow, underlying pigment and age spots.

6. Complexion: This is the combination of all of your pictures. As Nurse Lauren explained, this is your ‘predictor’, or the direction your skin is heading.

Afterwards, I was obviously left slightly red so Lauren applied the tinted sunscreen  O Cosmedics Mineral Pro Spf 30+ and I did come prepared with a hat and sunglasses. I even booked my next treatment in for December! SILK is preparing for the launch of the Vascular Laser, which will zapp away my broken capillaries under my eyes – so cannot wait to share the before and afters of that!

All in all, I had a great experience at my first SILK appointment, and I’m looking forward to building a relationship with my skin and Silk Laser Clinics!


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