Gorgeous Spring / Summer Perfume

With the glorious Spring finally upon us (was that a LONG Winter for anyone else?!), I invited Tonia Walker of IME natural perfume to learn a little more about perfumes, and how we can switch up our scents for Spring!

Hi Tonia, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty! Now that we are overhauling our fashion with the warmer weather of Spring & Summer, should we too be updating our scent choices? Absolutely! Its completely natural to want to come out of winter hibernation, just as nature does, and jump into spring, a time of rebirth and fresh starts. During the winter months, its common to want to wear warming, spicy, oriental fragrances. Spring/Summer is a great time to add a spring in your step with fragrances that are refreshing, cool, light and fun; (euterpe [cool], thaleia [flirty], terpsichore [expressive], ourania [instuitive]).

The IME natural perfume range focuses on the essences of nine Muses of Greek Mythology have been known throughout time to inspire and guide those who seek their radiance, can you tell me a little more about this? IME natural perfume is a brand designed to capture the essence of these inspiring goddesses in order to inspire a change in mood through the power of scent. By changing your mood you can ultimately change the way you feel about the day and therefore your actions. We aim to create a positive change through a holistic experience to achieve a happier & healthier state of wellbeing. So if you need a little strength to power through your day, then kalliope [driven] is your gal – strong, courageous and brave. A very grounding earthy scent.

Each Eau de Parfum uses 100% natural ingredients from quality botanical sources, which means each fragrance is naturally unique. Why is this important to you, and the consumer? Because each person is unique and we are all about enhancing our natural beauty not masking it. Wearing a natural perfume does not sit on the surface of your skin like a blanket, it evolves with the chemical make-up of your skin to become part of your natural scent, only that little bit more lovely. It’s also important to reduce the toxic-chemical load where ever possible and by going all natural with your fragrance you are doing just that.

Your perfumes have 3 different notes upon application, can you please explain what this means? All perfumes are constructed with three distinct layers. They are a carefully constructed set of layers known as notes;

  • Top (head) notes – are your initial impression of a perfume, they dissipate quickly and are usually made of light, fresh and uplifting ingredients.
  • Middle (heart) notes – make up the body of the fragrance, these notes emerge as the top notes fade and are usually floral, warm and soft notes. They also soften the first impression of the base notes as they emerge.
  • Base (bottom) notes – are rich and deep and form a strong foundation for the perfume layers to be built upon. They last the longest and help ‘fix’ the lighter notes, extending their evaporation process. The middle and base notes form the main fragrance of each perfume. These notes are integral to the longevity of a fragrance.

Are there any ingredients we should avoid in our perfumes at all? The biggest ingredient to look out for is the alcohol. Because this makes up the bulk of a fragrance, minimum 80-85%, you want to make sure it is pure and clean. We use an un-denatured pure alcohol which means there hasn’t been any toxic chemicals added to it to render it undrinkable or had solvents added to help preserve and solubilise the scent part of the final fragrance. Un-denatured is simply a botanical material (cane, grape or grain) that has gone through several processes of fermentation and steam distillation. By keeping it clean you eliminate other chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, adulterants, artificial dyes etc.. that you really shouldn’t be putting on your skin.

Welcome Spring, you smell fabulous!


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