Your Guide to Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty is a term we’ve heard for quite some time, but finally brands are beginning to take notice. As vegan beauty expert Lindsey Arnold of Velvet Report, creator of curated beauty sets, says, “vegan beauty has been around for awhile but has only recently gained more attention as customers are now more savvy than ever and demand to know what is in their products. Vegan beauty basically means that there are no animal-derived ingredients in your makeup, skincare, and haircare products.” She goes on to say “some people would also say that vegan also means that no animals were harmed in the making of that product, this would include animal testing. But other people separate that out and say that just means that the product is cruelty-free. I tend to think of vegan and cruelty-free as one in the same. After all, you can’t say something is cruelty-free if an animal was killed or harmed in the process”.

If you’re out looking to purchase cruelty free products, Lindsey shares that  you’ll need to look out for a label that says ‘vegan’ on the product but beware that some products are certified by and others just list “vegan” on the label, which means that they are claiming it is vegan but it hasn’t been certified yet. As for the list of ingredients, this can get tricky, just because you see things like glycerin and acid on a label doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s animal-based, it could also be plant-based. Generally reaching out to the company is the best way to get answers about particular ingredients if you’re unsure.

“We are all one supportive community and together we can make the world a more beautiful place, both for ourselves and for the animals.” – Lindsey Arnold of Velvet Report

If you’re interested in building your own vegan beauty stash, here are some of Lindsey’s personal favourite vegan beauty products:

Foundation: Lately I’ve been loving the new Antonym Cosmetics Skin Esteem Foundation. It’s a liquid foundation that still lightweight and healthy for your skin. Giving up my Estee Lauder foundation was one of the hardest things when I switched to all vegan makeup but foundations like this one from Antonym make it that much easier! Powder: You would probably be surprised to know that many of Charlotte Tilbury’s products are vegan, and they are all not tested on animals. Although I do prefer to shop brands at companies that are 100% vegan, sometimes that are standout products like Charlotte’s Flawless Airbrush Powder that still get my vote. Bronzer: Another item I had a hard time giving up was my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer but as soon as I got the Contour Duo from Lily Lolo, I was hooked! It provides a soft contour to the face and I LOVE that Lily Lolo makeup is actually healthy for your skin. Blush: I have two favorite blushes right now, in Apricot by Gabriel Cosmetics and Lumiere Liquid in Elise by Gressa. Both of these blushes provide a soft glow to the cheeks and give a healthy flush to my pale skin, but they are definitely universal favorites. Gressa’s liquid blush is actaully included in the Velvet Report Vegan Makeup Starter Kit.

Eyeshadow: Antonym Cosmetics palettes (also found in the Velvet Report Kit) and Zuzu Luxe palettes are my go-to’s for sure. I can use them for a natural look for day or smoke my eyes out for night. Did I mention how much I love healthy makeup!? Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is one my most used items because I can’t live without my winged eyeliner. Well, I guess I could, but I don’t want to! I’ve been looking for a green beauty alternative, but I haven’t found one yet that stays as well as Kat’s does. Mascara: Lily Lolo black mascara from the Velvet Report Kit has been my #1 for the last few years because it provides volume and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I also use Too Faced Better Than Sex (I know, that name! Ugh!) mascara and some vegan falsies when I want a really dramatic look. Lipstick: I don’t know if I’ve ever had a ride or die lipstick. Lipstick is something that I like to play around with and try new things all the time, that’s probably why I have a bucket of lipsticks while the rest of my routine is pretty streamlined. Fragrance: I don’t wear any fragrance right now because so many products that have “fragrance” on the labels are hiding the fact that they are using animal-derived ingredients or toxic chemicals. And they don’t have to disclose the ingredients because fragrance is protected as a trade secret. How crazy is that?! Skincare: All of the skincare products that I’ve been using for the last several months have been from the Velvet Report French Beauty Set. It includes a micellar water, a floral toner, and a moisturizer. It’s really all I need to gently clean my skin and hydrate it for day and night. It’s been my little secret for the last few months and now I’m so excited to share it with you! Masks: My philosophy is that a girl can never have too many face masks. You need a gentle clay mask for detoxifying, a sheet mask (preferably refrigerated) for when you skin is feeling blah, and a dry mask for when you’re working around the house. Speaking of, Lindsey says that Velvet Report will be coming out with vegan dry face masks very, very soon so stay tuned!

Lindsey, a vegan since the age of 14, says of Velvet Report, “I’ve literally gone through each ingredient and found out the origin to make sure it’s 100% plant-based and no animals were harmed in the process. I wanted to offer people a chance to try vegan makeup and skincare that was still luxurious and high-performing, without having to sacrifice a thing. A customer described Velvet Report as ‘being kind to the universe’. I would say that it’s also being kind to yourself since the products are nontoxic and allow you to take care of yourself without hurting any living creatures in the process. Living in congruence with your values is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.” The purpose of Velvet Report is to move the world towards a cruelty-free future, free of animal suffering. $3 per box is donated on a yearly basis to Cruelty Free International, an organization that works to end animal experiments worldwide.

If you ever have any questions about vegan beauty products, you can contact Lindsey at or DM on Instagram @velvetreport.

Here’s to keeping our furry friends safe and sound,


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