Have Fine Hair? These Are The Hair Hacks to Know in 2020

While some things never change – old Hollywood glamour hair, anyone? – a new year is a great time to switch up things for a fresh new look. I was lucky enough to secure some time recently with Stephanie Gelston, Education Director for Paul Mitchell Haircare, who shared five easy ways those with naturally fine locks can update their locks in twentytwenty!

 ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’ – Coco Chanel


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HACK 1: Get creative with your colour

Colour is a fantastic way to transform thin hair. Face framing foil highlights will add texture to both light and dark hair, and the variation in colour tone gives the appearance of extra body and volume.

“When you lighten the natural hair colour you swell the outer layer of the hair and lighten the natural pigment, the end result will be lighter hair that feels thicker and fuller” says Stephanie Gelston, Education Director for Paul Mitchell Haircare.

But beware, too much lightening can damage the hair and cause breakage resulting in even thinner hair than before you started. So always consult a professional to create your colour.


 HACK 2: Lose your length 

When it comes to creating volume for fine hair long lengths can be the enemy, highlighting the lack of natural volume in the hair.

“Opting for a shorter style instantly creates the illusion of volume and body.  That doesn’t mean you have to chop your hair into a super short pixie cut, mid length styles such as a long bob are the perfect way to add natural volume and body” explains Stephanie.

Pro Tip: If you are attached to your long locks then incorporate layering to your style. Shorter layers through the top will help increase volume.

HACK 3: Add texture

Whether you are rocking choppy layers, beach waves or soft curls, incorporating texture into your style will instantly boost the hair’s volume.

Styling Tips:  Blow-dry your hair upside down to create maximum volume. Then using a curling iron lightly curl hair in alternating directions to create soft natural waves.

Say no to a straight part. Try a zig zag patterned part to create the illusion of more volume and to lift the hair from the scalp.


 HACK 4: Pump up the volume

Investing in professional hair care and styling products specifically designed for fine hair is a must when volume is your end goal.

Fine hair has a different set of needs to normal or thick hair and professional volumising products are designed to gently cleanse hair whilst boosting body and maximising bounce and shine.

“Adding volume to fine hair is all about lifting the hair strands to sit higher off the scalp. This is where root-lifting products come into play. They are specifically designed to lift the hair off the scalp and create volume from the roots.  So, pairing a good quality root-lifter back with a volumising shampoo and conditioner is the perfect way to pump up your volume,” explains Stephanie.

WARNING: Be careful not to overload fine hair with product. An excess amount of styling product will weigh fine hair down, leaving it limp and lifeless. The golden rule is less is more.


HACK 5: Protect fine strands

It’s a simple fact that fine hair breaks more easily than thicker, so protecting it during styling is a must. Reducing use of heat tools, using a heat protection spray and keeping hair well hydrated all help maintain your hairs condition and minimise breakage.

Suggests Stephanie, “If you have fine hair it’s time to ditch your straightener. Your styling kit should comprise of a professional quality blow dryer, round brushes and a curling iron that doesn’t clamp the hair.  Creating volume is all about building hair up not flatten it down and clamping or straighten the hair only makes it skinnier and flatter.”

A curling iron that allows you to wrap the hair around the wand barrel is the ideal styling tool for fine hair. Just ensure it has a temperature setting that allows you to choose the heat level.


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