How to Combat Five Common Brow Concerns

We all strive for the perfect brows that shape and frame our face, however with trends coming in and out of fashion it can be confusing as to what style will work. First thin was in, then full brows were best. So how do you really know which is right look?

Well, the truth is – stay away from trends and choose a timeless brow that works for your face shape. The best and only way to style your brows is dictated by what brow look will suit your facial features, and what brow challenges you may be struggling with.

There is nothing unnatural about wanting a perfectly shaped brow to enhance your natural beauty. Perfectly shaped brows are the most youthful, refreshing and uplifting feature to awaken your inner glamazon! We all have a brow issue that we would like to correct, and even in the absence of major brow concerns, we’re all still looking for definition and lift to create a stunning look for every occasion.

To help de-code common brow concerns, I caught up with Brow Expert Carolyn Fox, Founder of leading Australian cosmetics brand Garbo & Kelly, to provide us with insider solutions to combat five common brow issues.


Eyes Wide Apart

If you have wide-set eyes, then it’s likely your brows look slightly short, lack shape or start too far apart. Always measure where your brow should start and finish for perfect balance.

To correct this, try a Garbo & Kelly Brow Guide stencil to see exactly where the shape is lacking. A Brow Guide will reveal the best place to start, in order to create and fill your perfect shape. It is really important to measure where your brow should start and finish for perfect balance.

Once you’ve found the right shape for your face, use a Brow Perfection Pencil to lengthen and create more definition. Then finish with a Brow Powder for density. If you are after a more intense fashion look, use a smudge-proof Brow Pomade over the top of your Brow Powder.

Unruly Brows

Don’t feel your brows are too unruly to bother with, when tamed and trimmed they will completely transform your face and to go from bushy to breathtaking. In saying this, flirty feathered brows are very fresh, fun and youthful, the key is what suits your features and personality.

It’s important to create some definition and shape to your unruly brow and this is easily achieved with the right tools and know how. A Brow Pencil can help create definition, while a Brow Gel will help tame and add shape to the overall look of the brow.

To add softness and tone of colour to your brow, opt for a Brow Powder to lightly fill in your pre-shaped brow.

Thin Brows

This is a very common problem usually caused by over-tweezing or simple genetics. To create shape and structure firstly use a Brow Perfection Pencil to add coverage and definition, then use a Brow Powder to create fullness. To achieve additional coverage for an evening look, try a smudge-proof Brow Pomade and Brows On Point pencil for fast, full bodied brows.

When combating a thin brow for the first time we recommend starting with a subtle look in the beginning, and eventually build up to a bolder look.

For a 3D effect, use the Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighter kit for a lifting of the brow and opening of the eye! Use the matte wells for extra cover and definition around the brows and shimmer to pop and enhance your arch and cheek bones.

Straight Brows

To correct straight brows, you’ll need to lengthen the eyebrow tail which will help create the arch and finish the brow. Use a Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil or Brows on Point to lengthen the tail. Also use a Brow Powder and/or Brow Pomade over the top of the pencil work to achieve fullness.

You will be amazed at how simply lengthening your eyebrow tail will create a perfectly elegant arch. You will need to finish the tail at the side of the nose and corner of the eye.

The highest point of the eyebrow should be above the iris, build the perfect arch in your brow by using Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil to achieve this look. Lengthen the tails and define the backs of the tails to create the illusion of stronger arch.

For extra lift add highlighter to the brow bone from the Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighter kit and use the matte wells to clean up and define around the brow.

Sparse Patchy Brows

The key requirement to update a sparse or patchy brow, is to fill in inconsistent gaps and growth patterns to create more volume and fullness.

To start you need to fill the gaps using Brow Perfection Pencil or Brows on Point pencil depending how large the gaps to create even coverage. Then use Brow Powder over the top to fill and blend for perfect consistency. Define along the brow with Brow Perfection pencil and personalise your tails for the perfect arch. If desired dd Brow Pomade for full coverage finish and if needed, lightly trim any excess length from your brows using Garbo & Kelly brow scissors.

To go from work to ‘wow’ try adding a coat of tinted Brow Gel This will help liven any sun-bleached or grey hairs. Finish this look with a kiss of highlight from the Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighter kit, use the matte wells to clean up and define around the brow which will lift and open the eye!

Whatever your issue, Garbo & Kelly has the product solution for creating beautiful head turning brows.


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