How to Master the Bold Lip

You’ve all seen one before – the perfect bold lip. It’s mesmerising, alluring and with just a pop of colour, it can create an effortless statement in a flash. Step out in confidence this season with our guide to mastering the bold lip.

Preparation is key

Before you can attempt this assignment, you need to prepare your lips for duty. A sugar scrub is the best way to exfoliate your lips, leaving you with a soft and smooth surface for flawless application. Scrub your lips in a circular motion to remove dry and dead skin cells and to remove makeup residue. Once you’ve buffed away the bad stuff, be sure to hydrate those lips for an ultra supple surface with a treatment or an ointment. You can also prolong the wear of your lip colour, by sealing off the lips with a heavy balm, to prevent the colour from bleeding. Then, lightly apply a translucent powder or a lip primer to absorb any additional moisture. This will keep your colour locked in for longer.

A bold statement needs a natural base.

Whether you apply your bold lip first or last, you need to make sure that your base is complementary to your lip colour. Choose a foundation colour that is the most natural for your skin tone, taking notice of whether your skin has yellow, pink or purple undertones. Before applying your foundation, add a pop to your natural look by using an illuminating primer to liven up a relatively natural look. Apply your chosen foundation to your face, using a dampened sponge for a more even application, Taking particular notice to blend your foundation properly around the lips and nose, as well as along the jawline. Regardless of whether you normally bronze, blush, shade or highlight, we recommend leaving your eyeshadow and contour until after you have applied your bold lip, just to ensure that your palette matches the lip.

Pick the right shade.

Picking the right lipstick shade is essential, because believe it or not, red is not always just red. You need to pick a colour that will suit your complexion to pull off such a statement lip. For example, if your skin has pink undertones, a shade which has a blue tones will match your look more naturally, whereas if you have yellow undertones, a warmer shade with vibrant orange tones will suit your bold lip to perfection. Once you’ve chosen the shade, pick the right finish for your look. Matte lips are usually a winner for the winter months, but take the opportunity to mix it up with an ultra high shine or even a metallic finish.

Create the right shape

Now is the time to create the framework for your look. Take a lip liner which can either match the colour of your bold lip shade or it can match your natural lip colour. Bulk up the shape and fullness of your lips by lining your cupid’s bow and your vermillion border. You can overdraw the shape of your lips, but be sure not to skew from the natural contour of your lips.

Apply your statement colour.

Get ready to bring the glam. Take your lipstick of choice and apply it to your upper lip in sweeping motions, moving from the inner edge of your cupid’s bow to the outer corners of your lips. Then apply it to your lower lip, applying layers until you reach your desired level of coverage.  Once you have achieved your desired colour, feel free to add a lip gloss finish to enhance your look. Finally, clean up any uneven edges or lines with a flat concealer brush, to create a razor sharp look.


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