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A Day in the Life of Jocelyn Petroni, Australia’s Leading Beauty Artisan

Renowned for her bespoke facials, flawless manicures and beauty treatments, Jocelyn has a passion for nurturing both inner and outer beauty. Applying the same principles of nurturing and self-giving that she encourages her clients to embrace, Jocelyn follows a holistic approach to health and beauty, incorporating disciplines such as reiki and meditation into her treatments.

Jocelyn has worked on some of the most beautiful and famous faces (and hands) in the world including Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Gemma Ward and frequently appears as a beauty expert in publications and media outlets such as Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE and Gritty Pretty. With an unwavering commitment to delivering decadent and personalised treatments, Jocelyn is one of the most celebrated beauty experts in the Australia. In 2015, Jocelyn was appointed as the official nail expert for CHANEL Australia.


Jocelyn says: “My days are all very different but I like to try and wake up around 6am so I can fit as much into my day as possible. I usually keep to a routine in the mornings, I love my home body ritual where I give myself the care I give my clients all day. I shower and once a week, give my skin a vigorous exfoliation with a homemade scrub made from salt and oil, I always finish with a burst of cold water – my dad taught me the benefits of having a cold rinse off after my shower and to always apply body oil after that shower – body rituals I love and follow every day.

I’ve been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for eight years and I meditate every morning at my shrine. I actually meditate during facial treatments! Of course I look at clients when I’m analysing their skin or extracting, but otherwise I go by feel so I don’t need to look at my client to do this, it’s intuitive, and happens naturally. I always tell new clients that I do this and to let me know if my pressure gets too firm or if anything is not comfortable, because I’ll be meditating out the window gazing onto the beautiful tree lined Queen Street.

jp2Breakfast is usually a banana smoothie with protein and maca powder, a banana, chia seeds, coconut water, Udo’s oil and raw cacao powder otherwise I have avocado and tomato on rye toast or sheep’s yoghurt with muesli, LSA, nuts and seeds, Udo’s oil and lots of fresh raspberries and blueberries. I also have a coffee sweetened with a little honey.

Depending on the day, I might have a full day of treatments for my clients (which are usually beauty editors and celebrities) or have to attend a magazine shoot or even an event. I know it’s sounds cliche but no two days are ever the same and I love that!

I like to make sure that our team stops and meets everyday so we can focus on what’s coming up for the day ahead, I also like the connection team meetings promote, it’s important that everybody is heard and loves what they do – that’s something I’m very passionate about.

In the late afternoons and evenings I usually try and answer emails and any media requests for quotes and interviews that have come through during the day. This can be quite time consuming but it’s an element of my job that I really enjoy.

I also exercise twice a week by running either along Bondi to Bronte as the sun is setting or up around Centennial Park from my home in Paddington, in the early morning.

Dinner is usually out with friends or a takeaway tofu from my local Vietnamese, Mr T. I try and get to bed by 10:30pm especially when I’m working the next day, a good night’s sleep if really important to me, otherwise I’m not as productive the following day!”


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