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Meet | Kelley Baker Brows

I adore brows. Eyebrows are my addiction, always looking for the next best thing in brows and tips and tricks.

When I decided to grow out my brows about nine months ago, I sought out the help of @rocan on instagram and also came across Kelley Baker Brows, a US based eyebrow goddess with salons in Venice Beach and Beverley Hills. Recently I made contact with Kelley Baker’s salon and have been conversing with Marjohn who is Kelley’s PA. Marjohn ever-so-kindly provided me with some information on the KBB brand for you all to find out a little bit about Kelley Baker Brows.

Kelley Baker Brows


But first, my history with Kelley Baker Brows:

After discovering KBB on instagram and watching all the videos uploaded, I quickly purchased a highlighter and highlighter brush during a mega sale for, I think around $30US (which included shipping from the US). When the products arrived, they came in the cutest package with a sweet sticker which I loved!

I have since never used another eyebrow brush on myself since then. As I’m a pencil girl so each morning all I use is my Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil, apply the highlight and use the brush to carve out and define the shape I just created. Too easy!

Now let’s find out more about Kelley Baker Brows salons. I’ll let Marjohn take over now!


Kelley started out in the Beauty Industry doing makeup. She has been doing makeup for over 20 years and has been doing brows for over 10 years. Ever since she was in high school, she has been doing everyone’s makeup. She never really paid attention in high school, except for in art class. That was the only class she really excelled in. Because of this, Kelley always knew from a young age that she wanted to go into the beauty industry. After high school she decided to attend beauty school. And there in beauty school, she was introduced to the eyebrow world, which is why she is where she is now. She learned everything you needed to know about brows and makeup and it became her career. Kelley is a Virgo and a perfectionist, so getting a clean and crisp brow line comes so naturally to her!


In Beverly Hills we have staff member Anthony (IG: anthonyandrewsbhbrows) and in Venice we have Vanessa (IG: VCfacebeauty) and Mersedeh (IG: mersedeh_). Kelley works across both locations. Also between the two locations we have a salon manager, whose name is Cynthia (IG: iheartcynochoa) and two other receptionists, Marjohn (IG: marrrjj) and John who go back and forth between the two salons. All of the Brow Divas hold an esthetician license, so you know that you are in capable and experienced hands!


Kelley has her own line of products which have recently been launched. The products include our brow powders in two shades, blonde and brown; our highlighter pencil (my favorite); our two brushes, the highlighter brush and the angled brush; a sharpener; brow gel; tweezers and two lip glosses.

Kelley Baker Brows

The two powders are the two most universal powders you could use. The blonde powder is typically used on people with very light hair and red heads. The brown powders can be used on anyone with any shade of brown in their hair. We use to powders to fill in any sparse areas of the brow.

The double sided angled brush is an angled brush on one end and a spooly on the other. This brush is used to apply the brow powder and to brush the brow hair up and soften powder if it is applied to harsh.

The highlighter pencil is very creamy and Kelley and our team use use it on every single one of their clients. We use the highlighter pencil to really give the brow a defined and crisp look .

The highlighter brush is the brush we use to blend out the highlighter pencil. It is flat ended and very dense to help create a clean line. The brow gel is used to set the brows and keep hair in place. The sharpener is for the highlighter pencil. We find that other sharpeners aren’t big enough for the highlighter pencil. We also now stock two KBB lip glosses. Sweetie Pie and Barbie. Sweetie Pie (below)is the perfect baby pink, and Barbie is a sparkly gloss.


Kelley has many videos and pictures on instagram to help anyone achieve the perfect brow. We also have a number of videos on our website:


If you are in the US, you can find Kelley Baker Brows in their two locations.Our Beverly Hills location is located at the Lasky Clinic: 201 S Lasky Drive. Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Our Venice location is located at 1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291.


Thank you SO much Marjohn, I can’t wait till my next trip to LA as I know where my first stop will be!


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