Lets Chat Beauty with Sacha Strebe of @skinlexicon

As much as some might roll their eyes at what I will say next, I really don’t know what I would do without Instagram. Connecting with amazing like-minded individuals never gets old for me, and when they have a passion for skincare like myself – it’s a match made in heaven. I’m so so excited to feature Sacha Strebe today, who is former Editorial Director for MyDomaine and currently the Editorial Director at Create & Cultivate.

Based in Los Angeles, Sacha clearly has a passion for skincare which has lead her to recently launch an Instagram account and bi-weekly newsletter titled Skinlexicon, which I’ve already subscribed and of course, read every past issue.

Without further ado, lets chat beauty with Sacha of @skinlexicon!

Where did your love of beauty and skincare come from, has it always been there? I grew up in sunny Queensland, Australia and since there is a hole in the ozone layer there it gets incredibly hot (the sun is incredibly harsh) so we are taught about sun protection very early on. My mom was slapping sunscreen on me as a baby and we’d play at the beach almost every day growing up. She also exposed me to skincare early on. At the age of 14 I had a basic cleanse, tone and moisturizer routine and my obsession for skincare and beauty grew from there.

I have always cared for my skin, but I really ramped it up around age 29/30 after having my son. I developed melasma while pregnant and so began my monthly chemical peels, brightening serums, and I had 3 rounds of IPL (which a lot of esthetician’s wouldn’t recommend now because it can make it worse). I’ve been on a maintenance preventative regime ever since.

What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why? Definitely retinol, niacinamide, hyaluronic, all of the acids (lactic, glycolic, aha, bha), vitamin c, and sunscreen—well that’s not an ingredient but it’s definitely part of my daily regime.

The go-to brands for these ingredients are Cosmedix (swear by this brand! Been using for 10 years or more. I love their peels, cell ID, retinol, and eye doctor), IsClinical (their active serum, pro heal serum, and hydracool are truly gamechanging), DMK seba-e oil, skinmedica lytera and HA5.

What are your favourite beauty treatments? I love chemical peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, and laser! My favorite lasers are clear & brilliant (for a deeper exfoliation/resurfacing and pigmentation), picot (for pigmentation and melasma), laser genesis (for plumping and producing collagen), forma, and radio frequency (great for tightening/forming), fraxel (resurfacing).

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In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? I have a few! Matthew Miller (@matthewmillerskin), Candace Marino (@thelafacialist), Dr Nancy Samolitis (@drsamolitis of Facile Boutique and Dermatology), Dr Jennifer Herrmann (@dr.jenniferherrmann), Camille Fields (, Kerry Benjamin (@stackedskincare), and James Vivian (@jamesvivian_clinic).

What’s your thoughts on botox and fillers etc? I am a big fan of subtle Botox and fillers. I only started getting them when I was 37 though and I didn’t go overboard. I started small and layered it slowly so it wasn’t a huge change and just made my face appear fresh and healthy. I have a little bump every 6 months but only the smallest amount under the eyes, around the mouth, the nasolabial folds, and I have a smidge of Botox in between my eyes where I frown. I only trust a couple of people to do it too. I highly recommend you do the research and find someone who can do really soft and natural filler. I see Dr Samolitis and Dr Jennifer Herrmann who are both dermatologists and truly understand the biology of the face. Dr Samolitis also used different filler to match the destination on my face—it was really tailored to me and what worked for my unique features. I’m very open about it too. I think it’s so important to let other women know because so much of what we see is filtered and not real, especially on social media.

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What would you like to try next; product, service or treatment? I really want to try the new Skinbetter line. They have a new sunscreen mineral makeup compact that Candace (the LA facialist) has been raving about. She also told me about their alphret peel pads so I’m adding them to my next purchase. As for treatments, I have an appointment with Camille Fields next month and I can’t wait. She is a Biologique Recherche certified esthetician and I’ve been wanting to try the range for so long. I’m also intrigued by her holistic approach. My friend TyLynn Nguyen raves about her (and she has beautiful skin) so I really can’t wait.

What is your favourite beauty magazine, and /or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube? I am obsessed with Eleanor Pendleton and Gritty Pretty. I also love what Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan are doing with their Gloss Angeles podcast. They talk through ingredients and science in a very friendly, relatable way. Their last episode features a sleep doctor and I’ve been told he has some game changing advice so I’m excited to listen in. I love following all of the experts I listed above on IG because they really drop a lot of knowledge that isn’t sponsored and very realistic.

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