The Magic of Charlotte Tilbury


Also worthy of mentions are a few skincare goodies; in the WonderGlow Face Primer, which technically is a light reflecting primer for use before foundation, but I like to mix it in with my foundation for a little extra glow. I started doing this little trick after watching a video on Youtube, and I’m hooked now. That said, if I’m extra oily during the warmer months, I’ll skip this step but just swipe the primer on the high points of my face – no point adding shine instead of glow! I’d have to say the Dry Sheet Mask is such a practical invention (it doesn’t slip at all!) and gives the skin a huge boost of glow – perfect before events or evenings out. I do like to apply the Magic Cream prior to makeup application, but this little guy is expensive so ensure you apply sparingly, which is easier said than done.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product, have I mentioned it above? Lemme know in the comments!


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