The Makeup Remover That’s Approved by Chloe Morello

The stunningly beautiful Chloe Morello is the face of Face Halo, which boasts a one-step solution to makeup removal, using water only. Say what?

Thanks to the HaloTech fiber strands within (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) the Face Halo when damped with water, reaches deep within your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time that a makeup remover wipe would take. No rubbing or scrubbing is required, simply wet with cold or warm water then wipe for effortlessly fresh results. For heavier eye makeup though, hold the Face Halo on the eyes and lashes for 5 or so second and gently swipe away.

Delve deeper into The Halo Effect 

The Face Halo can be washed up to 200 times, and for stubborn makeup residue, it might be easier to handwash the Face Halo with soap and water before throwing into the washing machine – your precious clothes will thank you! A word of warning –  don’t use fabric softener when washing as it will leave a coating that will reduce the effectiveness of the HaloTech fibers.

If you’re in Australia / NZ, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands or the UK, you’re able to purchase your 3x Face Halo kit for just $22USD with same-day dispatch for all US orders before 12pm PST.

If it’s good enough for Chloe Morello ….. I’m on board!




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