My Laser Clinics Australia Experience

Every year around October / November I find my skin seems to play up, and acts a little out of sorts. I usually put it down to the weather, you know coming out of the freezing Tasmanian winter to warmer days or even hayfever season, but when Laser Clinics Australia reached out to invite me to experience a treatment in store in September, I jumped at the opportunity. The newest Laser Clinic has just opened in Launceston, which is just an hour or so away from me in northern Tasmania, so it was perfect timing and was something to look forward to during this awkward skin-time-of-year.

Last Friday, I met with my therapist Bec when I arrived at the clinic, and got to have a little peek around while I filled out the obligatory paperwork. The space in Launceston has such a great location, with big windows filling the clinic with natural light, and was certainly very aesthetically pleasing. Bec and I went into a treatment room and discussed my skin and everything contributing to it at length. Bec had a fantastic knowledge of skin, as well as the Skinstitut skincare range which is used throughout the clinic. Although I had previously organised for the Enzymatic Skin Peel, a gentle micro-exfoliating treatment that’s designed to soothe, hydrate and micro-exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitive skin (perfect for my rosacea-prone skin), Bec confirmed in person that this was the best way forward for visible results.

The Enzymatic Skin Peel Treatment

  • Bec gave my skin an initial cleanse with the Skinsitutut Gentle Cleanser, and used the Glycolic Cleanser as the second cleanse, both rinsed with cool water.
  • My skin was dried with a tissue, and the Peel Accelator was applied and rubbed into the skin with a piece of gauze.
  • Bec applied Repair Balm over sensitive areas of my face; including eyebrows, lips and around the eyes, prior to the application of the Enzymatic Micro Peel.
  • This was then rinsed off, and my skin was cleansed of all products with the Gentle Cleanser to remove everything, before being popped under the in-salon yellow LED light for 13 minutes.
  • Treatment concluded with a spritz of the Multi-Active Mist, and the application of Rejuvenate 15, Laser Aid and Age Defence SPF 50+.

I found the treatment completely comfortable and never felt anything above a slight tingle, although my skin was left a little extra and sensitive for a few days. It’s now 6 days post treatment and the minimal peeling I experienced has vanished and I can now see my skins texture has improved, and the redness associated with my rosacea has been reduced significantly. The products I’ve used post treatment feel like they’ve been absorbed quicker than before, and my makeup is gliding on and wearing much better.

Key ingredients within the Enzymatic Micro Peel include niacinamide for strengthening skin and reducing sensitivity, hydrating hylauronic acid and chamomile, for soothing and calming reactive skin. Speaking of reactive skin, Bec was kind enough to provide some extra information on reducing redness and the symptoms of rosacea for me to use as a reference in the future.

This was the first time I’d experienced being placed under a LED light, and it was such a relaxing 13 minutes spent. The light has such a calming effect, and almost made me fall asleep but I’ve since read the light also helps aid healing of the skin post professional treatments, and increasing skin hydration and overall health of the skin. Although this was the first time, I suspect it won’t be the last ….

Laser Clinics Australia offer all customers, new or existing, a free consultation to discuss their skin journey, so pop over to this link if you’re interested, and make sure you squeeze in a little extra LED light time for a cosy cat nap!






*While the skin treatment was kindly gifted for review, the thoughts and opinions remains are that of mine. 

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