myMallBox Review

Living in Australia is beautiful, it’s full of gorgeous beaches and long warm sunny days, but I gotta say – we pay a lot for our cosmetics and beauty products. Popping into a Sephora store in the U.S and seeing prices up to a third cheaper than we’re expected to pay, it’s easy to see why parcel shipping services like myMallBox have grown in popularity in the last few years. Using these types of services, you’re able to buy products at U.S prices and have them shipped straight to your door, with minimal delivery fees and wait times.

My recent service of choice is myMallBox, which differs slightly from other services, as they offer a free U.S. address with your own unique suite number. Once you’ve ordered your products and used the U.S address as the shipping address, they can be stored for free in your suite for up to 90 days. From there, packages are shipped out to your chosen address, and consolidated if need be.

I recently had a bit of a splurge to try out myMallBox’s service and ordered the following to arrive at my U.S suite address;

I didn’t save a great deal of money on product in this initial step, but as I wasn’t shipping to Australia – I saved over $100AUD from Patchology in shipping fees alone!

The service I received my myMallBox from the initial sign up to the last step of organising shipping was fantastic, with the website also having a notifications tab that allows you to see when packages have been received, as I had all three arrive separately to be consolidated before shipping to Australia. I believe I waited about three weeks for the package to arrive here in Oz – shipping was $26.93USD –  which is expected when coming so far, and everything was safely with no damage to packaging or the contents inside. I highly recommend myMallBox, and will use the service on my next US haul too!

Have you used a service like myMallBox to deliver products at US prices, and what was your experience?

*This blog post is sponsored yet all words, thoughts and opinions are of my own. 


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