Review | Embalm Skincare’s 3 Step Skincare Kit

We are pretty lucky down here in Tassie – I mean, we have great seafood and wines and simply incredible views from so many beaches and mountains around the state, it’s almost silly. But we can now claim to be home of award-winning skincare brand Embalm Skincare, with Mel Driver at the helm.

This brand was a passion project Mel says, as she “suffered severe allergic reactions to synthetic skincare products and was shocked to find that some of the ingredients I’ve been using on my skin were also used in commercial garage degreaser and brake fluid! I was horrified to discover that countless products targeting women with sensitive skin lacked ingredients that benefit, protect and preserve their skin. Armed with a Diploma in Organic Skincare Science, I decided to create a skincare range that’s honest and transparent – with no hidden ingredients. A range that is 100% natural, and hypoallergenic. A range that women could trust after years of being misled by false advertising of products that promised the world and failed to deliver.”

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Complete 3 Step Skincare Kit which includes:

  • a konjac sponge and the Uplifting Cleanser, 
  • the Calming Toner,
  • and the Luxurious Face Moisturiser.

This set promises to offer long lasting hydration, while reducing blemishes/redness and preventing new breakouts, and works to restore, revive and brighten skin. It’s also worth noting that Embalm are of course, PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free.

I’ve been using this set for almost a month now and feel ready to share my informed opinions about this quiet but cult-worthy Tasmanian skincare range. If I had to pick one product to keep forever, it would be the konjac sponge (read: it’s such a game changer when cleansing the skin), closely followed by the Uplifting Cleanser. 

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The sponge lathers up instantly and moves over the face effortlessly, without a tug or pull to be seen. It’s so gentle but so easy to get in the groves around the chin, nose, neck etc and is simply a joy to use. I’ve found using this of an evening (I don’t cleanse of a morning, I just don’t find my skin needs it – don’t come at me) my skin is clearer than ever, which I’ve put down to the effective nightly cleanse.

The cleanser is black, which I’ve not seen before, but again foams up nicely, without the skin feeling tight or dry, and works in tandem with the sponge. The toner, which reminds me more of an essence than a traditional toner, is light and hydrating and allows the moisturiser to glide on smoothly. I will say though, as it’s still Summer in our part of the world, this moisturiser is enough on it’s own but I think for my skin, I’ll incorporate an oil in with the moisturiser throughout the Winter months – that is, unless it’s empty by then! 

I’ve met Mel a few times now over the years, and I can truly vouch for her passion and drive to create beautiful, luxurious skincare that really works. The brand has won countless awards in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why when just three products can be so easy to use but produce amazing results. 

Embalm Skincare be found online and at various stockists in both Tasmania and New South Wales. For new customers, Mel also offers the opportunity to try five samples of her natural skincare products for the perfect first experience, in the Skincare Trial Pack

Do yourself a favour and get yourself some of these Embalm Skincare products today!


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