The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Organic Beauty

When it comes to organic personal care and beauty products, do you want to learn about products that turn back the clock without dousing you with harmful chemicals but feel overwhelmed and want an easy way to understand what is safe? Would you love a simple, fun way to learn how to detox your beauty & personal care routine, minimize your body’s toxic burden and improve their health?

Kelly Bonanno, Wellness Coach, Eco Friendly Living & Organic Beauty Expert, says that “we should be reading our beauty and personal care labels as closely as we read our food labels. What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Our skin is a sponge, not a barrier so it absorbs what we put on it which is why I am passionate about teaching people about how to avoid harmful toxins as well as how to choose healthy alternatives.”

If you want to know how safe the products you currently use are, or have faced health issues and want to reduce your body’s toxic burden, or simply want to learn which products & brands are truly safe and effective, let me introduce you to Kelly’s upcoming ‘The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Organic Beauty‘ online course.

Are you feeling that you WANT to go green and use safe products, but are also feeling overwhelmed and that there’s just too much to be able to tackle?

Would you love a simple, fun way to learn how to detox your beauty & personal care routine, minimize your body’s toxic burden?

If you wish there were cheat sheets to magically lay out exactly what toxins in which beauty & personal care products could harm you and your family, which products are aging you & another cheat sheet to give you options of what to use instead then my online course is just what you need.

This course offers an easy way to get the toxic junk out of your home & away from your family. You will tap into the healthiest, hottest version of yourself without harmful methods or toxic chemicals!

What intrigued me most is Kelly covers how to avoid getting greenwashed, which is when companies display insincere concern for our health & the environment claiming their products are clean when they actually are not. Scary stuff!

Reviews of this course include:

“Kelly cuts to the chase and takes the confusion out of our beauty, household and health related consumer products in a clear, 
concise manner. I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know before… even if you think you are a well informed, up to date or a life long health and wellness zealot… Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.” Eva S.
“I can now look at the back of a label and recognize these harmful chemicals. As a registered nurse, I found value in her application of the endocrine system because it emphasized just how these chemicals can be dangerous to our bodies. Kelly helped me gain a much better understanding of clean products, how to protect myself and my family.” Shannon E.
“Kelly taught me which ingredients to avoid and why. I feel so empowered now!” Marianna S.
“I was able to use alternative products that Kelly recommended, thus avoiding the products that were causing the skin rash. Now I feel great and my skin has cleared up. I no longer have to rely on harmful steroid prescription ointments to relieve the skin.” Tracy D.
“Kelly’s course should be on the ‘must do’ list for anyone looking for a place to begin their journey to wellness by adopting a non-toxic lifestyle.” Tamra G.

Enrollment for The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Organic Beauty opens July 21st 2017 and is expected to fill up fast. Join the Course Wait List here, but in the mean time be sure to join Kelly’s FREE ‘5 Days To A Clean Green Beauty Routine’. 

And if you want even more, you can grab a free copy of ‘The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Looking Younger In 10 Easy Steps’ – phew!

You can find Kelly on Facebook in her group Savvy Girls Organic World or keep up to date with the latest wellness tips on Instagram.


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