Skin Treatments You Can Do At Home While Isolating

This is such a tricky and unsettling time we are currently facing, and I hope that if you are reading this – you are safe and well with loved ones nearby (or at least, virtually!). While I understand the enormity of this situation, I am also aware that we each need a little distraction from our reality and in turn, focus on self care.

With this in mind, I spoke with Lisa Schmelzkopf, founder of Schmelzkopf Cosmetics to learn about some skincare treatments you can do yourself, at home!

With a strong focus on Medical Grade and Certified Organic products and 16 years’ experience as a skin therapist, Lisa has earned a reputation for professionalism, skill and unwavering determination to supply only the very best, safest and most advanced products and services.

Hi Lisa! While at home isolating, what beauty treatments can we safely perform? “The trick when it comes to performing your own facial treatment at home is making sure you’re using the correct skin care regime, for your skin type. There’s nothing worse than using a serum or a mask that is formulated specifically for anti-ageing, while you might have mature skin, but with breakouts that need to be addressed. The whole idea behind performing our home facial is to maintain the level of skin achieved from your skin care professional.”

Lisa shares that the following treatments we can perform at home includes skin peels, which work to encourage cell turnover, even out skin tones, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to help with breakouts. Lisa advises her clients to begin with the all natural Resurfacing Peel, applying once or twice a week for best results.

The Schmelzkopf Resurfacing Peel removes dead skin cells and produces instant skin softening. It eliminates the outermost layer of the dead cells to give a fresher, brighter and younger-looking skin. The peel is highly effective and has minimum irritability on the skin, leaving minimal redness and no severe skin burn.  The peel is a non-irritant with an alkaline PH of 2 with instant results that continue with use.

If you’d like to start with products you already have, then consider the below guide from Lisa as gospel – in the Classic Skin Facial. The Classic Skin Facial will ensure your maintaining a healthy skin throughout this lockdown, and then once this period ends, you’re able then to continue with the advanced skin treatments with your choice of skin professional.

Lisa’s classic facial routine includes:

  • Double cleansing to ensure no build-up or clogging
  • Exfoliating 1 – 2 per week, via either a manual exfoliant or natural skin peel
  • Serum or treatment oil  to combat any skin issues like acne, saggy skin or pigmentation and ageing skin
  • Treatment mask once a week, leave this on for 15min and take off with a hot flannel
  • Apply your eye cream or gel, moisturizer and of course SPF!

Alternatively, Schmelzkopf Cosmetics offer various different kits, in the D.I.Y. Home Facial Anti-Ageing Edition with everything you need to maintain a healthy, hydrated skin, or for those with acne and/or oily prone skin types, there is also the D.I.Y. Home Facial Anti-Bacterial Edition. From December 2020, they will be launching a brand new line, in the Hydration + Kit. This three piece set delivers high-performance active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica extract to boost the skin’s moisture levels, regaining your skins natural radiance.

Before we start, what should we be mindful of when DIY-ing it? Before you get too slap happy (me!!), Lisa shares the following information to remember:

  • Over stimulating: Be aware of what you’re putting onto your skin. Try to stay away from harsh chemicals found in some skin care, as they can cause your skin to become sensitive and dry.
  • Oily skins: Stay away from different forms of alcohol or peroxides, as over time, this will begin to dry your skin out and while you think its working; it can actually make your sebaceous glands become over- active and in return produce more oil!
  • Sensitive skins: Avoid artificial fragrances, as they have a tendency to flare up any inflammation, redness and increase sensitivity.
  • Over exfoliating: Sometimes when our skin is feeling clogged, flaky or dry, we feel the need to want to exfoliate as much as we can, but by doing this more then twice a week, we can actually over stimulate our skin causing small breakouts, especially around your chin.

What services are you offering whilst in lockdown, any virtual services? We are offering complimentary skin consultations via Face Time, over the phone or simply by email if this is your preference, at Schmelzkopf Cosmetics and Centella clinics. We can then ensure we are educating our clients in the correct choice of skin care and by explaining clearly how they need to use skin care and treatments over the phone.”

What are you doing to stay safe and sane while isolating, and how are you pampering yourself? Share with me in the comments!


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  • Emmalisa

    this is brilliant, I want to do a treatment but recently got eye lash extensions, can you do the treatment with them on still? I wasn’t sure….. I am so glad I came across this piece as it is what I was looking for. during this time we need to learn to re evaluate and re learn and use self care to look after ourselves especially. I was going to do an article on some ways to get through it but it was so long ago, I don’t know if it is still relevant to post in Western Australia. maybe I will change it around a bit, this is definitely an inspirational piece in the category of beauty! I want to get back to exfoliating as well.

    6 August 2020 at 12:39 PM Reply
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