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Meet | Natalie Thorogood of Soak Society

Ahhhh thank goodness it’s nearly the weekend! Life has been so crazy lately – what with work, a new house, wedding planning, honeymoon planning and all the little things that happen but hey, I shouldn’t complain, there are far worse things happening right now. But, this is a beauty blog and a small escape from the big world out there so let’s push on!

Recently I started seeing a naturopath for some health concerns I have and have been introduced to the wonders and benefits of salt baths. Around the same time, Soak Society came on my radar and oh my gosh, what a deliciously luxurious treat these soaks are! So I set off to research more about wellness soaks and what benefits they offer. I discovered Natalie Thorogood, the founder of above mentioned Soak Society. I have spent some time chatting with Natalie, who is just lovely by the way, and thought a Q&A feature here on Why Hello Beauty was in order – please read on!

Hi Natalie, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty! Where did the idea for wellness soaks come from? Hello Emily! I’m vegan and I’m just very interested in removing chemicals from our beauty routines and other parts of our lives (cleaning, haircare, food etc). At the beginning of 2014 I started to make my own bath salt mixes at home and was storing them in jars, experimenting with different salts and essential oils. When I had a few I liked, I wanted to share them with everyone!

Natalie, why should we soak for health? What are the benefits? 

Detoxification: The combination of hot water with epsom, bentonite clay and essential oils allows your body to detox. Your pores will open and toxins will be released, very similar to the process your body goes through in a sauna. Toxins build up in our bodies every day, and we can get rid of them through eating certain foods, drinking lots of water, and also soaking! It is a complementary treatment for a healthy and well body.

Post-Sports: Our product is great for relieving muscle aches, and when used straight after working out or playing sport, can reduce muscle soreness and swelling the next day.

Relaxation: The combination of essential oils in our wellness soaks create aromas which relax the mind. Hot water relaxes your muscles also. In our busy lives, time out is important, which is why we recommend combining your soak time with some meditation to get the most out of your experience.

Mineral deficiency: Many people are magnesium deficient, and magnesium is important for bone and muscle health, restful sleep, and many other important body functions. Our soaks contain magnesium sulphate which is readily absorbed by our bodies if you soak for at least 20 minutes. They also contain celtic sea salt which has many absorbable trace minerals essential for good health.

The packaging for the soaks is stunning! Can you explain the difference between the various soaks? Thank you! The soaks very much reflect me, clean and minimalist. I started with the Originale soak as an introduction because it is very much a unisex soak – you can share it with your boyfriend, and I’ve had many guy customers that use. It is great for post sports and workouts to minimise soreness (as are all the soaks, but Originale has a fresh minty aroma that appeals to guys and ladies). Rose was the second one we released, and it is extremely luxurious with the rose petals scattered in the tub. I created this one with the idea of luxury and ‘special occasions’ in mind, although it can definitely be used every day. The combination of rose oils, pink Himalayan salt and pink clay is so soothing and can even help with itchy dry and sensitive skin. The newest soak is The Dreamer with is a collaboration with the Goodnight Society. Kath and I got talking about how important a good night’s sleep is, and I was wanting to create a soak that helped with improved sleep – and The Dreamer was born! It combines white clay, lavender and chamomile oils, lavender petals and coconut with epsom salt. Soak right before bed for ultimate relaxation and restful sleep.

What can we do to improve wellness in conjunction with the soaks? First of all, avoid alcohol while soaking. You might get headspins and become dehydrated because you are detoxing the body. Opt for an herbal tea or water instead. I would also say eliminating the non-natural products you use after your soak too. Ensure that you don’t lather yourself in a moisturiser that contains chemicals right after your soak when your pores are open, try using coconut oil instead! Some people find they don’t have time for baths but there are many ways you can incorporate soaking. Yesterday I had a footsoak while I was at my desk working. In front of the TV or reading a book works for soaking your feet too (as many toxins are drawn out through our feet). Great for people who don’t have bathtubs!

What has been your/ The Soak Society’s biggest achievement so far? Perhaps the feature in Collective Magazine, that was exciting. I don’t think there’s any one thing though, because it is easy to keep pushing further every day, and what you thought a year ago was a big deal seems like an everyday occurrence a year on. That’s important, to always keep growing and pushing yourself to the next level, whether that be a new bath soak or a collaboration or website etc.

How important is social media to The Soak Society? Extremely, it allows us to share health tips and my main thing in the beginning was to bring awareness of how good soaking is for you to the masses, and more importantly try to make baths cool again! It’s so much faster to take a shower, but you are doing yourself the world of good by taking the time to have a bath. For your emotional and physical health. I love it so much when people #welovetosoak and share their leg selfies! I get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing people are relaxing with our products.

What’s next for The Soak Society? More collaborations! I see us just creating more and more different types of soaks (we already have at least 3 in the works). I want more and more people to be having a soak regularly (at least once a week), so that is my mission!

Here’s to healthy inside and happy minds, oh and soft skin to boot!


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