Surviving Winter With Skincare

While I didn’t think we were quite in the midst of Winter in Tasmania yet, the fact that it was 1C degree last week may confirm otherwise. I’ve since pulled out from the cabinet my super rich and creamy hydrating lotions and potions, and thought I’d share what I use to starve off as much dry winter skin that I can!


I have quite dry skin, especially this time of the year, so I always begin with introducing hydration-heavy products into the current mix. During these cooler times, I always stick to creamy or milky cleansers (I like Aqua de Vida’s Milky Shea Cleanser) and hydrating toners or serums (Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner is gorgeous and complete #bathroomgoals). I’ll also consider using an oil cleanser, either on it’s own or as a pre-cleanser, for the extraordinary dry days. Currently I’m using Ella Bache’s Eternal+ Very Rich Cream as a night cream (with a facial oil mixed in), and a few nights a week I’ll pop on a sheet mask while I’m scrolling through my phone. Again, if it’s a very dry day, I have been known to apply a moisturising mask as a night cream, shhhh! I find my lips appear to get extra chapped in Winter, so I’ll scrub with Frank Body’s lipscrub every few nights and then apply a thick balm – I especially like Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant.

*Slightly off topic but I’ve been using the Base. Lip Solve Bullet for the last few months, which claims to assist with a reduced frequency, intensity and duration of cold sores, and I’ve not had one coldsore in this time. I get coldsores from the sun, stress and being rundown, and in the last months I’ve been crazed at work with a week in Bali – i.e lots of sun – and still nada. Nothing.


This time is where it gets quite serious and the game is upped. I use Frank Body’s Peppermint coffee scrub a few times a week in the shower but mix it up scent-wise with MOR Pomegranate Sugar Crystal Body Scrub, which both also have an extra benefit of scenting up the bathroom perfectly and for moistursing, I use either Frank’s Body Balm or Lux Aestiva’s Gypsy Oil. I TRY to religiously use hand cream (right now it’s Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream) and cuticle oil (CND Rescue RXxeach night, as my hands are always the first place I notice visible dryness, and if I’m feeling a little extra – I’ll apply a hand mask before bed and goop even more handcream over the top.


I have fairly normal hair so I tend to generally use ‘normal’ products, nothing too heavy as I wash my hair daily, but if I notice I need a little something extra, I’ll always go back to Redken All Soft which may just my holygrail haircare prods. Lately, I’ve noticed my hair is benefiting from a hair mist or oil applied daily, before styling products, and right now I’m using Olje Argan Oil Light Treatment Spray. Air-drying my hair is a godsend for me, all year round, but in Winter it’s that much harder – even though my hair is only chin length and dries in an hour or so – so I am known to wash my hair of an evening to work around this dilemma ?

Phew – that was a long one, hope I didn’t miss anything out. Lemme know what you’re currently using, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere – how I envy you!




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