The Benefits of Sleeping with Silk

For me, sleeping with silk is the ultimate indulgence, and something I crave sliding into each night. But as much as I love the feeling of silk against my skin, sleeping on silk also has many beauty benefits I enjoy; like being naturally hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, reducing friction between your hair and pillowcases which in turn prevents split ends and breakage, and ensures blow outs last longer. Plus unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your skin leaving unwanted bed creases on your face, a silk pillowcase naturally hydrates your skin whilst you sleep.

Recommend by Vogue and Allure and loved by Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen, Australian’s luxury sleepwear brand Shhh Silk obviously do silk oh-so well, and offer not only silk pillowcases, but silk eye masks, silk pillows, silk sleep caps and silk pyjamas – the whole kit and kaboodle really! Various styles, colours and monogramming is available, so now not only can you sleep on silk, you can also sleep IN silk…. #bliss

I’ve slept on silk pillowcases for a few years now, and can vouch for everything stated above. I’m an awfully rough sleeper and would always wake up with Beetlejuice-esque hair but with silk, I wake up with the same hair I fell asleep with, with maybe a few strays sitting up – nothing like before though. I also found my face would often ‘stick’ to my old pilllowcases, so I’d have to pry my face off and then I’d lose half my skincare I had just applied – not good for dry flaky winter skin – but sleeping on silk allows my skin to glide effortlessly across the pillow as I lay, toss and turn. Eye masks are the perfect travel essential too, and allow you to wake up just that bit fresher. Plus – I’m now one step closer to being Chrissy Teigen right?!

Sleeping with silk is a no brainer, if only for the most luxurious sleep of your life – the beauty benefits are just a bonus!




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