The New Natural Deodorant

While ‘wellness’ is something of a buzz word right now, there’s no denying the benefits of probiotics and their ability to assist in supporting digestive health and immune function. It’s of course no surprise that even skin care brands are adopting this principal to help restore the skin’s natural immunity against irritation and inflammation.

Merging probiotics with natural ingredients, KIND-LY revolutionises the green hygiene category with Australia’s first and only 100% natural deodorant enriched with probiotics and magnesium. Referred to as resident bacteria, the good microorganisms found in KIND-LY deodorants neutralise the bad, transient bacteria by supporting the skin’s natural microbiome for healthy, smell-free pits.

“With daily showering and excessive use of soaps, we’re washing away all the good bacteria from under our arms,” says KIND-LY founder, Lisa Raciti. “As a result, we’re unprotected from the bad microorganisms that mix with sweat and produce odour.”

As sweat itself is odourless, KIND-LY’s aluminium, paraben and alcohol-free formulation allows the underarm area to produce sweat and expel toxins naturally without the associated smell and re-educates the body to correct bacterial imbalances on its own.

It’s worth noting that when transitioning to a natural deodorant, the body can take several weeks to adjust as sweat ducts become reliant on the chemical’s found in common deodorant and forget how to naturally correct bacterial imbalances on its own. I’m about a month in now and it’s all good news, the fresh scent is uplifting of a morning and keeps me feeling protected all day long – no whiff to smell here! Note: Shake the bottle before using, and always apply to clean dry skin allowing to dry before dressing.

Available in 5 invigorating scents blended with essential oils and ingredients specially chosen for their antimicrobial benefits including Lavender & Bergamot, Lime & Frankincense, Cypress & Sandalwood, Coconut & Vanilla and Rose & Geranium – without any common irritants like alchohol, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

Available globally online and in over 200 Australian stockists, as well as Urban Outfitters in the USA, KIND-LY is taking natural deodorant mainstream. No longer just an ‘alternative’ – natural is the new normal!


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