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When an email arrived in my inbox recently with a link to the below video by SK-II, I was immediately intrigued. Not only is SK-II such an incredibly well known luxury skincare brand, it also forced me to think about skincare in a different way. According to a new study by SK-II, in Asia, only 2 out of 10 women feel comfortable with the idea of getting older for many reasons, from pressure from family and friends, society’s scrutiny to feeling the burden to marry before an artificially created deadline is up.

Initially I didn’t feel that in Australia we have the same age-pressures noted in Asia – after all, we are known as the ‘land of the free’ – but then again, I was reminded that living in small town Tasmania certainly encourages young women to marry and have a family young – albeit a trend that I have bucked so far. I know it’s certain prevalent in my family with my mother and grandmother waiting with baited breath for grandchildren, but it’s something I will do if and when I feel the need to become a mother. That said, I know the connotation of having children older in life is somewhat negative, but I’ll continue to do me and what’s best for me.

Maybe each country have their own versions of age-related pressures, just in varying forms and situations….. #INeverExpire 

To view the video yourself and watch three different women, from three different countries #changedestiny by tackling age-related pressure, I’ve popped a link below.

How do you feel after watching the video? Do you think your country places pressure on women in any way, shape or form? I’d love to know so share in the comments!

#inpartnershipwithskii *This post is sponsored by SK-II but this post remains entirely 100% my own thoughts and opinions. 


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