The Power of Botanical Skincare

After my recent Skinstitut facial treatment at Laser Clinics Australia (LCA) I wanted to learn more about the products my therapist used that day that left me and my skin literally glowing. LCA exclusively use and stock instore the Skinstitut skincare product range, which is Australia’s most cost-effective, cosmedical range designed to correct skin and return the skin to optimum skin health. This is achieved by using cosmedical ingredients – the newest and the most effective category of skin products that can be purchased without prescription – that not only aid in skin correction, but also will assist with healthy maintenance of the skin and prevention of premature ageing and sun damage. I was recently put in contact with Skinstitut Expert, Zoe Devine, to learn about the power of botanical skincare in the Skinstitut range.

Hi Zoe, what are the benefits of botanically derived ingredients? A major benefit of harnessing the power of nature using botanically derived ingredient means we can generate greater nutrient diversity and stability. Using a botanically sourced ingredient allows us to obtain not only a single vitamin or mineral for the skin but in fact a plethora of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and organic compounds that work in synergy with one another for improved efficacy. Plants contain compounds known as phytonutrients; there are over 4000 phytonutrients found in nature, each working in different ways. Some of the best known phytonutrients are the carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, indoles, lignans and isoflavones.

Why is it important to use botanically derived ingredients within skincare products? Nature provides us with some potent sources of nutrients that can benefit the skin. Where possible we try to utilise these botanically derived ingredients due to their rich nutrient profile. This helps us to create a more multi-faceted and dynamic skincare product. We’re always continuing to strive to maintain and improve our ethical stance. Skinstitut are proud to be a vegan skincare range that does not test on animals.

How does Skintitut, as a cosmedical brand, harness botanical elements within its products? Being a cosmedical skincare brand has many advantages; not only do we ensure that all ingredients are used within their therapeutic threshold to guarantee a change within the skin but some of our favourite attributes (and often less talked about) are our ethical and botanical elements. We’re happy to boast about our results-orientated skin care solutions that utilise innovative and powerful ingredients; both cosmedical and botanical. When formulating, we always consider how we can deliver a wide array of naturally occurring nutrients for the skin is the most condensed fashion. We seek out the most appropriate and multifunctional ingredients that are sourced globally for their phytonutrient profile. Many of these ingredients are derived from nature and exert a multitude of actions for the skin.

Which key botanical ingredients can be found in Skinstitut products and what do they do for the skin? Skinstitut use a myriad of botanical ingredients, a couple of our favourites include:

  • Goji Berry Extract – a super food in its own right this humble berry offers a rich array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is used in skincare products for its effective anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm redness and strengthen capillaries (you can find goji in Gentle Cleanser and L-Lactic Cleanser).
  • Green tea – we are all drinking it but why are we now putting it on our skin? These delicate leaves have powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When it comes to skincare, green tea has the ability to protect skin cells from free radical damage that would ultimately lead to cell damage and premature ageing. Green tea is within Gentle Cleanser, Multi-Active Mist and Moisture Defence Ultra Dry.
  • Papaya extract (papain enzymes) – these enzymes are proteolytic, meaning they digest protein (aka dead skin cells). Papain is gentle enough to digest old, dead skin cells, without dissolving or digesting new, healthy skin cells, thereby protecting the skin. This improves the texture and tone and delivers ultra-gentle exfoliation for even the most sensitive skin. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties also make this form of ingredient extremely useful for acne prone skin. Papain enzymes can be found in Enzymatic Micro Peel and Moisture Defence Oily Skin.
  • Kakadu plum – an Australian native fruit known as a superfood; acting as one of the richest sources of vitamin C plus delivering powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. This helps to offset the damaging effect from daily exposure and pollution offering anti-ageing and complexion strengthening properties. You can find kakadu plum in Moisture Defence Normal Skin and Repair Balm. Some of our other cherished botanical ingredients include aloe vera, avocado oil, olive leaf, rosehip and pomegranate oil. Some of our other cherished botanical ingredients include aloe vera, avocado oil, olive leaf, rosehip and pomegranate oil.

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