What We’re Using On Our Brows

Brows are definitely a hot topic right now and are something I think about often throughout the day, as I’m all about creating and maintaining a perfect brow shape. In the past, I’ve spoken with Gabby Sullivan of Brow Hub about brow rehab, Instagram brow guru Charleen Martinez and even the founder of Hello Brows (an oil formulated for encouraging the growth of healthier, fuller-looking brows) but let’s chat about brows in October 2018.

With the effect of Glossier and its minimalist mantra spoken worldwide; brows are now fuller, less manicured and simply more natural than they have been previously and I for one, am totally here for it. Let’s speak to some pros about what they are currently using:

@beautybytifini says “I use Kelley Baker brow products and have been obsessing over her tinted brow gel and I feel like that’s where brow trends have started to head. I’m still highlighting underneath the brow but tinted brow gels add volume and create that “fluffy” brow rather than something overly manicured. It’s also great for microbladed brows which a lot of people have – adds the perfect touch if they are starting to fade or want to darken the actual brow hair! Additionally, I’ve been trying to let the tops of the brow hairs grow in naturally to give that fluffy effect and keeping the bottom line cleaned up … but still ensuring my clients do not tweeze between appointments if they want the best for their brows!

Charleen Martinez: “When it comes to maintaining brows, as a brow artist/ esthetician I recommend an appointment every 4 weeks as a maintenance regiment to ensure that the shape is always well groomed and maintained.”

@iambethallen: “Castor oil is fantastic for promoting hair growth. It conditions the follicles as well as the existing hair. You can get it from any local drugstore and for best results, use it twice daily by applying a small amount over your whole brow area, focusing on your natural eyebrow bone. Do this for 2 minutes then wash it off completely. I am a HD Brow Stylist in the UK and we actually sell a lash and brow booster which again promotes hair growth and I’ve seen some amazing regrowth from using this product. There are lots of different products on the market for filling in sparse brows and it definitely depends on what you’re comfortable using. I personally prefer to use a pencil but I know a lot of people use pomades and powders. I think a pencil is the most natural as you can create hair strokes with it. My favourite is the Pro Pencil, which you sharpen using a crafting blade and use that to create thin hair-like strokes.”

What’s your biggest tip for great brows, share below in the comments!

*featured image via Coveteur


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