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What’s in My Beauty Cupboard with Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker is the founder of innovative new lash brand, SARAH JEAN, which introduces the world’s first party eyelash adhesive. The products are changing lash application at home – for the better. Brisbane based, Sarah is a down to earth and energetic business woman who lives by the ethos ‘if you give up, you didn’t want it bad enough in the first place’. True to this she’s passionate about her work, staying healthy and of course looking her best.

Sarah, I’d love to know – what’s in your beauty cupboard?

Where do I start…?!

It’s my destiny to have ended up in the beauty industry. Whilst I don’t have a background in beauty despite creating a world first eyelash product, SARAH JEAN, I have always loved makeup and beauty. I am open to trying new brands as they’re recommended to me or I see them while researching….so as a result, I have a makeup and beauty cabinet (and drawers and shelves) overflowing with products….but doesn’t every gal? I do however, have a few trusted staples.

Cleansing routine

I cleanse twice a day and at the moment, I am using Skinstitute. In the evening, I cleanse twice. If it’s not too cold, I’ll finish the shower with a cold rinse. I use the Simplicite Rosehip Lavender Complexion Refiner which is an intense and pore cleansing mask.

Face…creams & coverage

My go to products are the Simplicite Sage Face Oil. I have been using it for years. I know people can be turned off by face oils, especially living in a humid climate like I do in Queensland, but it’s truly hydrating and the Sage Oil is full of skin-nurturing goodness.

I don’t need a lot of coverage, so for me, the Sage Oil is a perfect base for my Ministry of Mineral Makeup Australia (MOMMA) BB Cream. I’d never used a BB Cream before, but this is my daily beauty essential. Like Simplicite, it’s also an Australian brand (which being a new Aussie brand myself, I do my part to shop and support local brands). Using the oil with BB cream together creates a beautiful, dewy finish, which I prefer over a matte, powder finish.

I have just started using a concealer under my eyes…pfft where did those bags come from? Again, MOMMA’S Velvet Finish Mineral Cream Concealer does the job and a little bit goes a long way.

I am probably a bit naughty as I don’t always use a moisturiser over the top of the Sage Oil. The Damaske Rose Day Cream again by Simplicite is lovely but since running out, I haven’t topped up. I will in the cooler months!!

For evenings or a special occasion, I’ll swap the BB cream for Emani Hydra Wear. It’s still a light coverage so not too heavy and it’s also vegan friendly. For highlights and blushes, I swap between the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Blush Bronzer Highlighter Illuminator palette and MOMMA’S Mineral Blush in Brilliant Rose or Sunkissed Glow…if aiming to create a bronzed look on a sultry summer’s night.

Enhancing eyes

For perfect lashes, SARAH JEAN of course. They’re easy to apply and remove with my world first, nifty eyelash adhesive and tweezers. And also light weight, comfortable and cruelty free! Then it’s back to MOMMA for the Waterproof Precision Eye Liner Pen – amazing. The pen style applicator is great for drawing on the perfect winged liner. It claims to be semi-permanent, waterproof and smudge proof and let me say, it is! If I want a smokey eye, I’ll add this first, then apply a dark brown or black eyeshadow over the top, smudging the liner a little before it sets. Then to finish, I re-apply the liner – it creates a sexy, smoky eye with depth and that doesn’t smudge!

For mascara, I’m not loyal (dare I announce!). I have used them all…Diorshow, Model Co, Emani…too many to list. I’m constantly asked by my customers to introduce a mascara to the SARAH JEAN collection but it would have to be outstanding since the mascara market is saturated. But never say never.

While I have just five lash styles in the SARAH JEAN range, there’s a style for every occasion. From subtle, easy to wear (SJ001) through to vintage beauty (SJ002 or SJ005) to modern day chic, perfect for parties and events (SJ004), mascara’s not necessary for thickening my lashes as I let my falsies do it for me!

For lovely lips

I’m super excited to say I have done a much needed clear out of my lipsticks. I have opted for Shanghai Suzy, collecting what seems like, at least half of the collection! My favourites at the moment are Miss Fiona Grapefruit Martini, 70’s Collection Dusty Rose and Miss Louise Peachy Nude. There really is a colour for every look and mood. The chicki-babe who runs Shanghai Suzy is also a fellow Australian and the lippies are creamy and long-lasting. At risk of sounding like I am paid by MOMMA (and Simplicite for that matter!), I have a couple of their Vegan Shea Butter & Jojoba Mineral Lipsticks too that are equally as long lasting and without the nasty filler ingredients.

Body, hair & nails

I LOVE Pure Jali Organics’ Lemon myrtle & Fragonia body lotion and their shampoo and conditioner. It’s for sensitive skin but really, it’s a great range overall that smells amazing while being free from all the chemical nasties; it’s also vegan and Australian made!

I’m terrible at styling my hair…I’ll be lucky to create curls with a straightener that are kink free, but I can still scrunch and spray with the Kevin Murphy Session Spray to create some body. I didn’t think there was much difference between hairsprays but this one is unlike any I have used before: light yet holds really well.

Lastly, I’m also not too diligent with caring for my nails but when I do, my go to nail range is Gloss & Co. Also another Brisbane brand, they have an amazing range of colours, are free from the typical nasty chemicals and I find it to be gentle on my nails, which are very thin and break easy. 

But what matters the most is staying healthy as what’s on the inside, shows on the outside. While being quite active, and having an active childhood, my parents drummed it into to us the importance of wearing a sunscreen and hat when outside. So thankfully I have always practiced this. I also think having a positive mindset is the difference between looking good and looking amazing. When you’re happy and positive, it reflects in everything you do. Plus frowning causes wrinkles and who wants that!

ADORE you Sarah, thanks for giving us a peek into your beauty cabinet!


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