What’s In My Beauty Cupboard with Shahrzad of THESPOTBEAUTY

Hi, I’m Shahrzad and I am behind THESPOTBEAUTY, a beauty + lifestyle blog where I share my honest and true reviews to help you choose products that won’t compromise your health.

I am not only passionate about beauty products, but I also love fashion and travelling!


“My top beauty picks, that is a hard one as I actually have so many favourites – the confessions of a product junkie! I am always rotating my products as I choose what suits my skin on the day, depending on the weather and how my skin is looking. Having quite oily skin, a good face mask is definitely one of my beauty staples. I am loving the Earthwise Beauty Catharsis Cleanser + Mask. It’s a clay free formula packed with green superfoods that really brightens and detoxifies my skin. This product is actually meant to purify, and purify it does. This has become an absolutely favourite product for me.”



“My second beauty pick is definitely hair care, and I am obsessed with EVOLVh hair care – theproducts are seriously AMAZING! The shampoo and conditioner are my HG haircare staples. I have been using their products for two years and love how my hair looks and feels, and the products also make it easy for me to style my hair which is a bonus! They are a clean and luxurious brand that focus on performing and delivering results and I was also lucky enough to be able to visit their headquarters earlier this year in San Francisco. I definitely can NOT survive without my EVOLVh hair care products!”



“My third beauty pick is a solid tie between my lipstick and mascara. I am minimal makeup girl but I can not leave the house without putting mascara on! At the moment I’m using the Fitglow Vegan Good Lash+ mascara and love this clean yet effective formula, as it really volumunises my lashes. Whilst I am new to this green beauty brand and am always switching it up, this mascara in particular is great. Since switching to cleaner and greener beauty products, I find I am actually wearing more lipstick and since there are so many high performing brands that are using natural ingredients without comprising on the quality, you can actually find really luxe lipsticks! Speaking of, my go-to lipstick is the Kosas range. These lipsticks are seriously creamy and dreamy and have the most flattering shades to suit all skin tones. My favourite shade is Thrillest, the perfect coral red.”

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