A Day in the Life of Jo Lam, Founder of Online Natural Beauty Company Orli

Jo Lam is the founder of the online natural beauty company, Orli.

Orli was born when Jo decided to merge her passion for natural skin care together with her professional background in accounting; to create an beauty hub that was founded on the amazing properties of natural ingredients backed by evidence and scientifically based research. The marrying of traditional remedies with modern medicine (now complimentary medicine) has always been woven into Jo’s Malaysian Chinese upbringing. Growing up in a multicultural landscape, steeped in traditional Indian and Chinese cultural influences, left Jo with a life long appreciation for the healing properties of food, botanical extracts and essential oils for skin and well-being.

Jo was frustrated by the process of squinting at product labels in order to find truly genuine, organic skincare products, in the everyday market. She came across too many products containing sulphates, fragrances, harsh alcohols and heavily processed preservatives sold under the misleading ‘natural’ umbrella. This propelled Jo to research and personally source her own selection of 100% natural, toxin free, cruelty free products made by individuals who shared her passion for a sustainably less toxic planet. A typical day in the life of Jo Lam, of Orli is listed below;

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“My weekday life is a wonderful juggle of family, work and friends. I’m usually up at 6am and try my best to squeeze in a half hour run three times a week (if the kids are cooperating) so that I’m home by 6.30am to sort out the usual mayhem of getting my three boys ready for school. Our breakfasts are slightly unusual. We usually have bone or chicken broth with rice and any leftovers from the previous evening’s dinner gets thrown into the mix. I’m a big believer in giving the kids a nourishing breakfast so it matters less if they get too distracted at recess to finish their lunches.

Straight into work mode after school drop off at 8.  I try to tick off the necessary items first like fulfilling orders, work meetings and admin. Once I’ve done that I move on to the more creative processes of product development, testing formulations and researching ingredients.

Lunch is usually a salad or a spicy stir-fry of crunchy vegetables; often accompanied with eggs or fish. Twice a week, I enjoy a quick social lunch catch up at 1.30pm, which provides an hour of good solid conversation before I collect the kids from school at 2.45pm.

The kids are my main priority when they get home but it’s amazing how much can be done using little snippets of time. I focus on tasks that can be performed in between meeting the demands of the kids. It’s the ideal time to respond to certain emails and do the once daily social media post. Key word is POST not SCROLL! I steer away from looking at social media when my kids are around.

Work is set-aside completely from 5pm. This time slot is for preparing dinner and helping the kids with homework or reading all at the same time. My partner and the kids usually perform the after dinner cleaning up…(and then I clean up after them!)

We all settle down on the sofa for a bit of ‘family cuddling/wrestling time’ before the kids go to bed. Once the kids hit the sack, I get stuck into writing blogs or articles with a herbal tea in hand. Although it’s work related… writing is very therapeutic for me. It relaxes me and is the equivalent of TV time or reading time for someone else. I would love to say I get to bed early but the truth is, bedtime for me is hardly before 11pm. Life is hectic but everyday I am so grateful that I have a healthy family and a business that I’m absolutely passionate about!”.

Thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty Jo, I simply adore the concept of Orli and know my readers will too!


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