A Day in the Life of Kirsten Noble, Nail Technician at Beauty Lounge St Kilda

When you produce nails THIS good, girl you know I will be all over this on Instagram! As soon as I found Kirsten on Insta, I immediately asked her if she would like to feature on Why Hello Beauty, and I was so happy when she said yes. Put simply, enjoy reading + viewing <3


Kirsten says: “For me, I moved to Melbourne 4 weeks ago and have just started my new job. A typical day looks similar to the below; I wake up each morning to my partner Ryan, who leaves at 6am telling me he loves me and then next thing I know, my alarm is going off at 8am. I will never be caught without makeup, ever, unless I’m at home with just Ryan so it’s makeup time and I almost usually never do my hair – it remains messy and touselled. I then have to decide between my Tony Bianco sneakers or Balenciaga boots with what matches my daily ensemble of layered black clothing! That said, I do love dressing up and feeling pretty on the weekend! But for now, it’s work time from 10am”.

“I travel about 40-50 minutes to work every morning which isn’t too bad, but long enough, I think! Every morning I stop and get an oak chocolate milk, yes every day – it’s just too good to pass up! Once at work, I look through my day and as I am still building a client base, I usually work on building my social media and answering the phones throughout the day. I love creating relationships with my clients, especially the recurring clients because you can catch up with them every so often. My new role at Beauty Lounge, St Kilda is amazing, I love it! My days are still building my clientele as I said, however so far I love it – my current clients have been incredible and I’m looking forward to meeting more and continuing to leave work with glitter everywhere… think my cars steering wheel, my clothing, inside my shoes and bras and the like! On the way home, I have to be sure not to pull into KFC as that is often what I feel like – embarrassingly I could eat it every night!”.

Okay Kirsten, Emily here – tell me what’s hot in nail art right now?!

Kirsten: “Okay so everyone is different, you either love or hate glitter! You’re either a plain or an all-out-there person, it varies so much from client to client! I do think you go through phases of what you like, for me I actually dislike doing my own nails most of the time, but once they are done I love them – well for a week or so until I get bored…

Keep in mind for extra nail strength, glitter is amazing and its definitely worth trying yourself. Lifework or Aztec designs are super popular and give your nails a little something extra!”


Kirsten Nobel | Beauty Lounge, St Kilda

2 Wellington Street, St Kilda

ph: 0405 963 877




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