The Blind Date You Will Love

With Valentine’s Day 2018 fast approaching, the team at Amity Created perfectly timed their new ‘Blind Date with a Book’ package. The perfect idea for book lovers and perhaps those unsatisfied with regular dates, Amity Created have packaged up a special gift set that pairs a secret book, your ‘book blind date’, complete with a personally selected hand blended organic loose-leaf tea to set the mood for a cosy night in.

Amity Created is for the wanderers. For the dreamers who believe that magic is a warm cup of tea. From the moment you receive one of our perfectly presented treasure boxes, you’ll fall into the world of Amity – a whimsical place where nothing else matters except you, in this very moment.
Tucked away in a small studio in Derbyshire, England, an artist hand paints the stunning blooms featured across our inspirational cards, gift wrap and the four crown jewels of our Blossom range – our Fine Bone China teacup and saucer sets.
Amity Created’s journey began on Etsy in 2013, where owner and designer Daniella Libri spent her time creating custom gift pieces and hearing stories of hope, love, inspiration, and the universal dream to run away, for just a little while. This beautiful range was born out of these tales, as Daniella encourages you to escape with every sip, every single day.

Your blind date book is specially selected by the team at Amity Created from the various genres of romance, horror, sci-fi, mystery, adventure, crime, fantasy. The tea blend that is included is specially chosen to go with the genre of the book, so for example, an intriguing Himalayan green tea blend has been paired with a mystery genre book, while another is a smouldering ‘ember’ tea made from a blend of English breakfast and cinnamon that’s been paired with a romance book.

“Each book is pre-loved & pre-read because we are all about creative reuse and giving back to the environment. Don’t fret, your ‘date’ is in wonderful condition and have been carefully chosen from only the best recommendations. We wouldn’t set you up with anyone we didn’t think highly of,” said founder Daniella Libri. “It is a thoughtful, whimsical gift for you or for a book lover, the perfect way to take some time out and curl up with a secret book and beautifully scented cup of tea. We also have gorgeous blossom tea sets available for you to create the complete package for a tea connoisseur.”

The ‘Blind Date with a Book’ package includes a handwritten postcard that hints at the book inside, and is beautifully wrapped with twine and sealed with wax, and is now available instore and online. With free shipping in Australia, it’s a special surprise gift for those who enjoy reading and drinking gorgeous tea!

Learn more about Amity Created on Facebook and Instagram, and purchase your Blind Date with a Book now at


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