How to Clean Your Makeup Bag

Everyone loves to get glammed up now and then, and most women have a much-loved makeup bag, filled to the brim, to help them do just that. Often our makeup bag stays with us for years, trustily holding all the important lippies and mascaras that make us feel great. The only problem with these useful little bags is that they have the potential to get a bit dirty with the inevitable make-up spillages and old tissues that sometimes lurk in the corners. To prevent any nasty bacteria growing in your cosmetic container try cleaning it out at least every few months. In case you’re not sure how, here’s our step-by-step guide with everything you need to know.

Step 1: Clear out the contents

Start your makeup bag cleaning session by completely emptying out the contents. If there are lots of things inside or anything that might spill place the items on an old, but clean towel. Separate everything out then start going through each item methodically. Now is the time to decide whether you really need everything in your bag and what requires a quick clean. Evaluate makeup by how long you’ve had it, how often you use it and the cleanliness of the contents. A blusher that’s been sitting at the bottom of your bag for three years is probably worth chucking. Anything useful, but dirty can usually be cleaned. For example, you can remove dirt from makeup brushes by soaking in warm water and a little mild shampoo. Wipe off any leaks or spillages and everything should start looking as good as new.

Step 2: Make sure the inside is sparkling clean

Next, it’s time to tackle the bag itself. The technique here will depend on what material is inside. A suede-lined bag for example will need a slightly different approach to something made of silk. Have a look at useful resources online for your particular material, for example guides on how to clean suede. If you’re not sure what the material is, play it safe and simply wipe with a warm damp cloth to remove dirt and stains. Always do a patch test on a small area of material to check it won’t damage the item first.

Step 3: Clean the outside of the bag

Finally, make sure to thoroughly clean the outside of the bag. As above the way you do this will depend on the material involved, but most things should come off with a bit of water and, if necessary, some household detergent.

Those are my top tips on cleaning your makeup bag. Even if you need to work out how to clean suede or check the expiry dates of your favourite foundation it’ll be worth the trouble in the end. Makeup bags have the potential to harbour nasty bugs and no one wants that in their favourite concealer. Clean out your makeup bag regularly and you’ll be ready to apply fresh, clean makeup whenever you like.



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