A Day in the Life of Chanelle Louise, Director of Cilk Rose Water


A snapshot into a typical day of Chanelle Louise, the Australian director of the luxury hand-crafted beauty beverage supplement, crafted with roses and enhanced with light floral notes of cold pressed hibiscus and a creamy hint of pure vanilla, creating the perfect balance of botanicals, elegance and of course, beauty. The perfect addition to your beauty collection, kitchen and soirées. Each Cilk Rose Water comes in 100ml / 3.4fl oz., which is equivalent to 50 standard drinks and each order will receive complimentary global shipping.

ChanellelouiseChanelle says: “Each morning ritual is quite different for me, I’m not a routine person, I get too bored doing the same thing over and over each day which is why the entrepreneur lifestyle suits me. I just do what I feel like each morning I wake up; some mornings I feel like doing yoga, other mornings I want to sleep in, but most mornings I want to get straight into running my business, because that is what I’m most passionate about and enjoy the most. To narrow in on one day, I will start with making a green or fig, rose and vanilla smoothie and cleanse my face with May Lindstrom Honey Mud Cleansing Silk and massage in her Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate, these are my morning skincare signature essentials.

Early in the day I will pack and ship orders that have come through overnight, grab a coffee and then head to Spark Bureau, a co-working space on the Sunshine Coast which is a not-for-profit entrepreneurial community of thinkers, builders, movers, and shakers.It is an interactive and diverse space to be in, being able to bounce ideas around with entrepreneurs from different industries with an outside perspective enables you to push the boundaries of your business further than just working solo from home.

I’m also an incubator program, learning in detail about design thinking, agile mythology, business law and many other aspects of running a start-up. I am fortunate to mainly work alongside my best friend Natalie Thorogood who is a fellow girlboss with her own wellness brand Soak Society. We really understand each others audience and missions and are always there for each other through the ups and downs of the business journey with the occasional Friday mid-afternoon cocktail break. This is what I love most about working for myself, the ability to structure my time that allows me to be the most productive but also enjoy myself”.


“The rest of my day will be planned around any important emails that need to be attended to promptly and then I will schedule priority tasks for the day from R&D, identifying partnership or collaboration opportunities, meetings, working on scaling models, establishing export channels and creating content for a series of themed digital magazines we will soon be releasing.

I also listen to business podcasts at every opportunity whether it’s a morning walk along the beach, making breakfast or driving, I try to compact learning as much realistic business case studies and information as quickly as I can. Most days I will take my work home for an extra hour or two then spend the evening with my husband who usually cooks a delicious dinner for us. I’ll unwind with a bath, read a book or watch a movie and extend my beauty regime into the night with a beauty beverage made with my CILK Rose Extract and a long restful sleep”.

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