A Day in the Life of an Eyebrow Stylist, with Melanie Marris

“I was really thrilled when asked to write about ‘A Day in the Life Of an Eyebrow Stylist’, as from the outside it can seem super glorified owning and operating a successful and renowned brow company, however as glamorous as myself, my studio and my staff present and appear, the hard and constant work day in day out, the sweat, stress and tears and the pressure to always operate at the best of your ability can go unnoticed. Please do not get me wrong – I run a high end, up market brow boutique and I absolutely LOVE every minute of what I have created and what I do.

I ooze passion for all things brows and beauty and I strive every singe day to better my business and myself. I am forever grateful for the loyal following in Australia, growing following world wide and dedicated clients and staff that I have. I will always continue to aspire to inspire young women, whether it is to bring out their entrepreneurial skills and be confident in their chosen career, or whether it simply is to work hard in their current roles and always aim for the top! Either way, I will forever continue to be a role model for as many people as I can.

Business will have ups and downs, it will be hard and it will test you, but what you will get out of pushing yourself to your limits in what ever you do, is a strong mind, resilience in all aspects of your life, confidence, knowledge, a lifetime of life experience and the ability to live the life that you want to live.

There are many, many perks to owning your own business, however my advice is always do not go into this if you think it is going to be easy, a way out of your 9-5, more money and more freedom, because you will not succeed. In fact when you own your own business it is exactly the opposite of this!! BUT because you are doing what you LOVE the over time does not seem like overtime, the stress is more manageable because you learn ways to develop strength to overcome it and the freedom and financial gain is earned, earned all by yourself, therefore it is respected and treasured that little bit more!

I always say that if you are passionate about something, you have found way to make it your own and on you own, you have researched whether it is a niche market OR you have the talent to make it one and you are a risk taker – then go for it! Aim for the stars, because I did! I found my talent at a very young age, I have always been a peoples person, I remember everyone I meet! I took the risk of creating my own brand and my own business beginning as a soul trader and working my butt off to have what I have today! It WILL be the best thing that you ever do, just do it for the right reasons.

Have personal short term and long-term goals, strive every week to better yourself or your businesses in some small way, research, write down your ideas-all of them! Collaborate-network with like-minded people. The options in business are endless! I will be writing in more depth about my business ventures, how I believe you create a successful business and how to make it manageable in my new blog.  One last thing I want to touch on is ignoring negativity on social media, in the work place and life in general. It sounds so cliché but you cannot have a positive life if you are constantly drained by negativity. This is so important in business! You will get burnt and you will have people steal, attempt to mimic your ideas and do the wrong thing by you, I surely have!!! The way I deal with it is to be better, take all that negative strength and turn it into something new, something bigger and something better! No one is YOU, so be your own motivation and become the best version of yourself. I am working on so many more ventures both personally and within my business – I hope you all enjoy my first ever blog, please head to my website to hear my next story!

So, I would like to keep it real and let you all in on the life of a successful entrepreneur running one of the most elite brow studio’s in Australia”.

 6.15am – Alarm is set and my personal trainer is waiting for me!! I work out 3-4 times a week in the mornings. I used to train in the evening but found that working out in the morning prepared you for the big day you have ahead of you. I absolutely love it now.. after pushing past that want for one more hours sleep!!

*Exercising and eating well are super important to me when running my own business, or when having a busy or stressful life style. It helps to avoid me getting run down, fatigued and over stressed. This is a huge part of my lifestyle. I still have my days where I eat what ever I want and don’t go to the gym don’t get me wrong, however over all my lifestyle is kept as healthy as possible.

Over the years I can 100% vouch that living a balanced lifestyle including relaxation, meditation, exercise, you time, time with friends/social activities, time with a partner, time with family and work was the key to helping to keep me dedicated, determined, lowering my stress levels.

Before I leave for the gym, I quickly make sure that no one has called into work sick, no notifications of emergencies from clients or staff have come up and that the day ahead seems as if it is going to run as per normal! With building new stores over east also, I need to check in with manufacturers ect due to the time difference. I have got a system where after plenty of trial and error that I keep this time to myself and I am only checking for anything that needs to be dealt with immediately. BUT as you can see…. work never stops for entrepreneurs!!

8am – I have now had my work out and made a healthy breakfast. I sit down with my very large coffee and make my first social media post! I like to make up to 4 a day depending on content so I begin nice and early!! I then check my emails and make sure that everything that I needed to sort before clients is done! I have my make up regime down pat, and so I should after 13 years of getting ready for work in the beauty industry!! I allow myself generally 40 minutes to shower, choose a glam outfit and apply my makeup for the day! Then its rush, rush off to work to start my first client at 9.30am.

Between 9.30am and 6pm – My Perth studio is open between these times, only as oftwo months ago I have needed to pull back slightly off clients to be able to manage my fast growing company. I generally work on clients between 9.30am and 3pm now, this can vary to end of day when people are sick or it is extra busy. With all the responsibility, 10 staff members and nearly 3 studios in Australia, my time is precious.

I have delegated certain responsibilities to management however there are always issues that arise or projects that you work on which only you can do, so I have structured a way to use my time more wisely this year and it is working! I love being a hands on owner,  I could never see myself completely pulling back until I retire really!  Plus is it important to be there when I can! I still train and mentor all of my staff.

My management is starting to also help with this so I have been putting a lot of extra work into making sure they are confident. During my 101 duties of the day I still perform back to back 30 minute intervals of clients. On a good day I can style up to 30 brows as well as over seeing all of my other staff members work, issues and helping the studio to run smoothly!

Every single brow is different!! We have round brows come in, long brows, wirey brows, dark brows, thin brows, brows that are barely there and brows that have never been touched. My unique technique of brow styling is highly sought after, it creates a more full and defined brow extenuating your natural arch and lengthening the brow. Even still after over 10 years in the industry I still consult with all of my clients, I still make sure everyone was happy during their last treatment and I always strive to create a stunning set of brows!

It is a very fast passed studio, music is pumping, clients are fun and interactive and my staff members are a beautiful bundle of energy and joy! These days can be super tiring and challenging but I still have never ever woken up after 4 years in business not excited to go to work!! I love each and every minute of the hustle and bustle, I love that I have created this environment for clients to trust, love and enjoy!

3.30pm – If I manage to get out at 3.30pm…. which rarely happens hehe! I will then head home to have a late lunch, plan and work on my ventures. I generally snack throughout the day on small prepared meals as this keeps me going!! This is also when I manage to talk to my gorgeous sister who manages parts of H.R and all of  my accounts. Once your business turns into a company, you need strong, like minded women on your team! Driven, dedicated individuals who respect you and what your company is about, I am so lucky to have this support! When you are starting out and it is just you managing clients, enquiries, book work, social media and staff issues it can be super daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Please trust that when you build your business and get the help from the right people you will see a much smoother operation. The hard yards always need to be put in at the start and you need to determine your direction within your business first.

I also deal with any interstate business that needs taking care of, there is a lot of this currently with the expansion and opening of Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist Melbourne and then Sydney. I have everything I need at home to work comfortably and efficiently as I do not have this space in the studio and it is important for me to separate so that I am not jumping in on my staff’s next brow wax.. as I tend to do if I stay hehe! This part of my day can sometimes be more full on then being in the studio but I love when I achieve all of my goals for the day, it is so satisfying!!

By this time it is nearly 6.30/7pm – I love to eat dinner early and also get to bed around 9.30/10pm during the week! I usually walk my beautiful pup before I have dinner. Either this or I will spend some time with him cuddling after! I also like to network at night, if I am scrolling down my news feed, I may be shopping but my brain is always switched on and creating something new or networking with someone amazing! This to me is my down time, I love research and I love to create.

I do, however switch off most nights after a small time catching up on any news with friends or family, I have learnt this the hard way, it is SO important to switch your brain off. It took me almost 3 years to learn this and I am still learning. I get great nights sleep, I do not watch TV to put me to sleep and I don’t stay up too late as I pay for it the next day.

On a weekend I have total switch of day being Sunday! I am lucky enough to now be in a position where I can do this, as at the start it is a 24/7 role. This is, if there is nothing major going on at work, no deadlines and no issues!

It is also so important to give yourself time to heal and refresh your mind. I spend weekends with my partner, my family and my friends. I am no party girl – I  had my time with that when I was a lot younger! I love eating out at beautiful restaurants or nice bars, going for coffee, beach or park walks and relaxing. I love to read so I also read every now and again as a great way to switch off.

Each day is different with the same goal in mind, to enjoy doing what I love. I hope I can inspire you all in some way, or help anyone in business to see that you are not alone or even just let people in on my real life!

I am not lucky, I have worked so hard for every bit of my success and that is what makes me continue to work even harder. A lot of people ask me what or where do I get my motivation.. and you also may be wondering this?? It comes from within and it comes from a true place of authenticity. Only you can motivate yourself and if you aren’t motivated, then I hope that you find something that you are motivated in!

Warm wishes,

Melanie Marris xx

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