A Day in the Life of Kate Fissenden, Founder of Stevie K Cosmetics

I’ve followed Kate for such a long time on social media – always had a lil girl crush – and I actually remember a moment of complete #fangirling when I saw Kate on Australian morning show Sunrise back in 2013 discussing her mission to knuckle down Ryan Gosling for a dinner date. Social media makes the world a very small place, hey?! Also, Ryan – call Kate!

Okay, now in all serious, I recently noticed Stevie K on instagram a few months back and began following the feed. When I finally (like yesterday!) put two and two together and realised Kate founded Stevie K, I quickly got to asking Kate to share just what a typical day looks like creating your own thang!

“I’m the founder of Stevie K Cosmetics– the new kid on the beauty block. I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 8 years now, working on all sides! I started my career at SAX Cosmetics as a quiet little receptionist eager to learn everything I could, and have since worked in brand management, product development and PR/Marketing for some of Australia’s biggest beauty companies.

After what felt like 200 years of planning, I finally took the plunge and launched my own brand in Feb of this year. I was sick of seeing Australian companies manufacturing in China and tricking consumers with clever marketing. I wanted to bring the love back here to support our economy and put Aussie beauty products back on the radar. I’m also a HUGE dog lover and we all know what happens with animal testing over there…eep.

I would describe Stevie K as a little bit rock and roll. We’re for the girls (and guys!) who live life on their own terms. Void of vanity, strong and sexy”.

5:30am – As cliché and boring as this sounds, I get up and hit the gym. I hate it, but I find getting a work out done in the morning helps me focus during the day. My mind is constantly working at a million miles an hour so burning some energy early works wonders! While I’m there, I like to check our social media and get back to any emails that have come in over night.

6:30am – I’ll head home for some (or lots of) coffee and breakfast. My boyfriend, Andy, cooks us breakfast every day. Before you shout “wow what a man” or “is he whipped??” we have a deal that he does breakfast and I do the laundry…so it’s equal! Haha. But yes he is a gem.

7:00am – My outfit of choice is always last minute. Today I am wearing a men’s red flannelette with black skinny jeans and super high Manolo Blahniks. Very ‘tom-boy-chic’ haha.

After getting dressed and wondering AGAIN why I haven’t won the Sunrise Cash Cow, I’ll head into the office.

7:30am – As soon as I arrive, I’ll pop some music on and get to work on our online orders that have come in over night. I personally pack each order myself to make sure everything is perfect. Each of our orders comes with a hand written note, so that can take up a bit of time in the morning.

9:30am – I’ll meet with Margot, our Assistant Manager, to go over the plan for the day. To be honest, every single day is different but it helps to prioritise everything and have a plan of attack. 9 times out of 10, the plan goes out the window haha. Anything that canhappen will happen when it comes to new business. We’ll also talk about her latest Tinder date and I’ll talk her out of texting ‘that’ guy again.

12:00pm – Margot heads out to post our online orders. I’ll have coffee number 2. As we are working on the production of the rest of our range, a big chunk of my day is spent colour forecasting and designing packaging.

We get our forecasts from all over the world, speaking with fashion designers and pigment manufacturers. They give us trend insights into what designers are working with, which often filters down into cosmetic colours.

At Stevie K, I like to steer clear of telling people what’s ‘on trend’ and let them wear what they want. However, from a business sense, it helps to offer consumers popular shades and seasonal colours.

2pm – In the afternoon, I’m often talking to our manufacturers to confirm lead-times and production dates. We plan on having a full collection by the end of 2016 but being 100% Australian made, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a timely process involved, each and every product needs testing. The packaging needs to be made correctly to ensure it is the right size and material and can withstand every day use.

We then need to design the boxes. Our lipstick collection was inspired by Melbourne’s street art and culture, but the rest of the collection varies greatly. The majority of my day lately is spent on this process. It’s fun and tedious at the same time! Today I am creating a mood board for our eyeshadow packaging and also testing the formulations. We don’t test on animals so instead wear the products every day for about a month before approving them.

4pm – Skype calls with our international distributors. I’ll also pack any orders or stock for tomorrow morning. Today I am packing for a collaboration we are doing with Girl Bosses Australia.

7:30pm – If I’m lucky I can sign off on the day and head home for a wine. I often work into the wee hours of the night, but on a good day I’ll be home in my pjs with a big glass of shiraz in hand!

There are always things happening in the Stevie K office, from photoshoots to packing and panic attacks after losing freight in transit. Each day is different, but that’s how I like it. I find I get restless if things are too monotonous and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing team who believe in our vision and make every day a pleasure. I’d love for you guys to try Stevie K for yourselves so head to and use the code ‘WHYHELLOBEAUTY’ for 15% off your order.

Kate x


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