A Day in the Life of Kirsten Carriol, Creator of Lanolips

Kirsten Carriol, a beauty industry veteran, couldn’t find the perfect lip balm. While lamenting her chapped lips before a long haul flight, she remembered the wondrous feel of the lanolin on the sheep’s wool – from her childhood spent on her grandparent’s sheep-farm in South Australia. She also recalled her Professor father (an award winning research pioneer in the science of DNA) telling her ‘the molecular structure of lanolin is the secret to skin moisturisation’. Growing up, lanolin was the only thing her parents used on her lips and skin. She realised that nothing had been as good since, so the journey began to create Lanolips™. The worlds finest lanolin.


I’m a long time fan of Lanolips – it’s my go-to for soft + smoochable lips – and I actually squealed when I saw images of the recent rebrand, which included the launch of exciting new products, featuring Montana Cox + Nadia Fairfax within the marketing campaign, as they’re just so blooming gorgeous! And further to the excitement, did you know that not only is Lanolip stocked in over 650 stores nationally, they are now also available on Net-a-Porter – you know, just the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination? Go the Aussie’s with their amazing products!

I invited the Lanolips creator, Kirsten Carriol, to share a typical day in the life of running such a busy beauty business and was just thrilled when she said yes! Keep on reading for all the deets you need to know;

6am: I am up somewhere between 6am and 7am each morning with my two boys, making them breakfast and getting them ready for school. I will have a quick scan of my emails and social media, then check the weather before getting the boys off to school.

9am: I usually arrive at the office by 9am with a skim latte and set about planning my day, I am a big list writer, I like to declutter my brain before I start working on something, so I write a list of what I want to achieve that day.

11am: After firing off some emails I like to catch up with my team. We will usually have a quick 15 minute WIP – I am very hands on and like to stay across everything that is happening at Lano HQ.

1pm: I usually have a quick and easy lunch – my go-to is a simple tomato and cheese pressed toastie.

3pm: One of the best things about running a skin care business is creating new products. I am working on something very new (and very exciting) right now that will be launched later this year. I am truly passionate about lanolin; it really drives and inspires me, everyday I am finding new ways to work with the ingredient.

6 – 8pm: From 6pm I am back in to full mum-mode, I switch off from business and enjoy family time with my husband and boys.

8pm: Most nights once my boys are in bed, I will put a few more hours in as this is the ideal time for international business. With Lanolips expanding across the world, there is always an influx of fresh emails to respond to and calls to be made!

Thanks Kirsten for chatting to us at Why Hello Beauty, definitely a highlight of 2016! Oh, I’ve just noticed that if you jump on right now and purchase any Hand Cream, you’ll receive a free gift of 101 Ointment in Peach Flavour (valued at $13.95) – score! Find Lanolips at Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the new launches!


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