A Day in the Life of Makayla Herdman, Owner of House of Maxx Boutique Skin Clinic

House of Maxx pays focus to the health of the skin both internally & externally.

With a Health & Nutrition Advisor on site to clean up elements of your lifestyle that may be contributing to your Barrier Disordered Skin, experienced Corneotherapists to educate you and treat your skin, LED & CIT machines, & professional lash & brow technicians you are bound to be radiant and have skin that glows from within.

All facial treatments are a customised dermatological treatment that uses advanced products specifically created to cater to your skins needs & concerns.

Makayla says: “Owning a Skin Clinic sounds glamorous, and you know what, it is! Probably more so than me being a girl who grew up in Gippsland and wears trackies on her ‘days off’ (what days off!?), but everyday I love that the team and I have the chance to truly change someone’s life. We have hit a sweet spot with our concept, and it’s being confirmed everyday by our gorgeous yet desperate clients who had not found the answers to their skin conditions until they met us. Our skin is one of our largest elimination organs, so wouldn’t it make sense if we are presenting with eczema, acne or rosacea that it’s all coming from within?

This is why we chose Dermaviduals, which treats the skin as an organ, healing and repairing our barrier so that cells can perform optimally. This is why we created our own Skin Food range Maxx Beauty Tonic, from detoxifying to repairing, anti-inflammatory golden lattes to indulgent sugar free hot chocolates that bring pleasure into our life without making our bodies pay for it with breakouts, flair ups or sore tummies… because after all isn’t life about the pleasures?

[ images by Brooklyn Powell ]

I feel like I need to write ‘A Day in the Life Of the House of Maxx team’ because we all provide something different. Jenny is our Health and Nutrition Adviser who will pinpoint and offer support and knowledge as to what is happening internally that is presenting externally. Allena is our head Corneotherapist that has an incredible attention to detail and brings that luxurious pampering into every treatment from a serious skin treatment to lash enhancement and even a Brazilian wax! And lastly, I am probably the headless chook driving everyone mental! I am your link in the middle that has lived and breathed gut health and healing for 23 years through my own journey, and had an incredible passion for beauty and improving women’s confidence for 9 years. I survive best on routine, which is hard when you run your own business, but for me it’s organised chaos!”.

Here’s a snapshot for a typical day in the life of owning a beauty clinic;

  • My day starts with a morning snuggle from my gorgeous new cavoodle Puppy, Maxine (our little clinic mascot) before getting up and having a warm glass of lemon water and taking her for a walk.
  • I have a shower and perform my morning skin ritual, body brushing, cleansing, applying as many creams as I can fit on! – it is still so therapeutic for me….
  • I make my breakfast which changes depending on my mood between a big bowl of breakfast greens and poached eggs or my latest smoothie concoction, then head to work where Allena has already arrived super early and set up!
  • Together we set up the rooms and prepare ourselves for a day of providing support, creating great brows and lashes and giving the gift of self love and confidence through clear skin and a healthy body.Our day of clients is never the same, whether it be creating treatment plans and custom mixing products up, educating or providing impeccable beauty services it always keeps us on our toes and loving what we do. Between the three of us we always make an effort to have 15 minutes together in the middle of the day for a cup of tea, a little paleo treat that one of us has brought in and to educate each other on something new we are studying or have learnt.
  • Once the day is done, normally around 8pm, I tend to wind down by cooking (and eating of course!) then the rest of my evening will consist of a gym work out, reading, catching up with a friend or netflix and chill with Maxine!

Makayla / House of Maxx

A Boutique Skin Clinic located 1207 High Street, Armadale, creating the most beautiful version of your skin from the inside out.

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