A Day in the Life of Sarah Baker, founder of Sarah Jean Lashes

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Sarah JeanSARAH JEAN founder, Sarah Baker is the brains behind an innovative new brand that makes applying false eyelashes at home easy.

Gone are the days of sticky fingers and smudged eyeshadow – a common problem many of us encounter when applying false eyelashes – so to find out how Sarah developed the products, she gives us a sneak peek into a typical day and what goes on behind the scenes of this new brand that Sarah hopes will be a game changer for the beauty industry.

An intro to SARAH JEAN

“SARAH JEAN has been a labour of love. It’s taken more than a year of research and development to create a collection of products that actually make a laborious task easy, and that are also beautiful and high quality,” Sarah explains.

“The signature product in the SARAH JEAN collection is the eyelash glue. It cleverly combines two existing products to make one product. I’ve taken an anti-allergenic, latex free and water soluble glue and put it in a bottle with a mascara style nylon brush. This allows the glue to be applied to your real lashes like mascara – the brush enables just the right amount of glue to be applied without any drips or mess. Because you apply glue to your real lashes and the false eyelash strip, the lashes are easier to apply and stay on longer. With the tweezer applicator tool, applying lashes is easier.”

To remove, lashes are gently peeled off and the glue is removed by rubbing your real lashes gently with a foaming face cleanser. The SARAH JEAN lashes are synthetic, light-weight, latex free. All products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

What to trySJ Lashes

The three piece kit, $49 or five piece kit, $75, have been going well as they’re affordable and a great way for people to try the products which work best together (click the banner to the right to order yours).

“You can choose between the clear or black adhesive, and choose your favourite lash style or styles depending on the kit you buy,” Sarah said.

So now we know a little more about the SARAH JEAN productions, let’s find out what a standard work day looks like for this savvy business woman.

“I run a small creative content agency during the day and up until now, I worked on the research and development for SARAH JEAN in the evenings and weekends. Now I am juggling the promotion of SARAH JEAN in between my other projects.”

A typical day in the life of Sarah Baker:

I try to get to the gym a few days a week at 5:45 am. I prefer the 30 minute high intensity workouts. If I am there longer than that, my mind wanders to thoughts of what I’m going to eat for breakfast instead of exerting energy and I probable burn about five calories!

Sarah Jean LashesLiving close to the Brisbane River, if I don’t go to the gym, I walk my dog, Lilo. Running two businesses, I have learnt the importance of setting realistic goals I need to accomplish each day. I’m managing the promotion for SARAH JEAN as well as handling the PR for other clients plus copywriting jobs. So I break my time into blocks in which certain tasks need to be carried out in.

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer as I like to respond to queries as soon as possible. I also hand write a message on the thank you cards included with each purchase, which I also wrap in tissue paper. So the packaging of products takes time but it’s important to me that customers feel like they’re receiving a thoughtfully wrapped gift every time.

I find it really difficult to stop for lunch so I often find myself eating at the computer which is bad! However where possible, I schedule meetings over lunch at a cafe as it’s a nice way to break up the day and really get to know clients and contacts.

After packaging peoples’ purchases, I take the parcels for overseas orders SJ Lashes1to the post office or arrange a courier for the local orders. I’m becoming well known at the post office!

A big part of my day is establishing new partnerships and ways to generate exposure for SARAH JEAN. This entails hours of researching suitable businesses and pitching to them. It’s time consuming, but I have met some amazing people who are also passionate about what they do and keen to create a positive and mutually beneficial relationship. Australia and New Zealand has an inspiring community of beautiful and innovative beauty brands – it’s exciting to be a part of.

While I have a collection of products I’m really happy with, I am always on the lookout for new products or lash styles to add to the collection (down the track!). So an hour or two is usually dedicated to the R&D for these. I’ve received a few requests for additional products so I’ve started liaising with suppliers for these – although I’m mindful not to get too ahead of myself!

By this time, it’s late afternoon and time to walk Lilo again. She is without a doubt the most spoilt dog in Brisbane! We got her through Animal Rescue Queensland – the best decision we made as she’s such good company and makes me smile when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

LOOK-SJ005-WITH-TWEEZERAfter dinner, which is usually a salad or something I’ve thrown into the le cruset and left in the oven for three hours (unless we go out for dinner, which is always a nice treat), I usually find myself back in front of the computer. I watch very little TV as I find there is always work to be done. It’s hard to switch off but I enjoy what I do, and SARAH JEAN being a new product, I have a lot of work ahead of me with getting it to market so by the time I get to sleep it’s around 11 pm…

The long term plan is to take SARAH JEAN to the world! Starting with Australia and New Zealand. I’m always looking at other distribution channels for SARAH JEAN apart from the website so that’s exciting and keeping me busy!

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Yours in lashes,

Sarah XO

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