A Day in the Life Of Simone Henderson, Creator of Gloss & Co Nail Polish

Thanks to my dear friend Instagram, Gloss & Co Nail Polish came into my life late last year, and now I’m crushin’ hard over these polishes. The gold glitter, the rose gold glitter and the nudes – so good. I quickly got in contact with Simone, the founder of G&C and she’s totes amazing – just as I imagined! – and thought she would be perfect for ‘A Day in the Life Of’. Keep a-reading for all the deets + maybe a special little treat at the bottom….

Simone: “Wow, it’s such a huge honour to be asked about my day by Emily! I’ve been such a fan for ages, so I’m thrilled! I am the founder of Gloss & Co nail polish brand. I’ve always had a love for colour, but have mostly worked the corporate life, so this really is a business that I have wanted to do for years! At the moment, I’m the Marketing Manager, the Financial Controller, the Customer Service Department, Stock Control, Creative Mastermind and the Sales Team, so the buck stops with me to keep everyone happy and to keep all the balls in the air. Here’s a snapshot of a day in the life of me!”.

7am:  Being in Brisbane with great weather all year round, my work days typically kick off with some kind of exercise. Luckily, I have the world’s best PT, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do any exercise at all….

For the purposes of this blog, lets call her ‘Steph’. She usually trains me hard for 45 minutes on a weights routine coupled with cardio to keep my heart rate up. God knows why, but that’s why I do what I do and she does what she does! I’m pretty conscious of staying healthy and strong as I get older (I’m 47) because the business keeps me so busy.

8am:  Next up is protein powder with some fruit and coconut water in the Nutri Bullet – AND YES I HAVE ONE OF THOSE. So yummy! After that, it’s a shower, a snappy blow-dry with some kind of leave in conditioning goop, full serum, moisturizer with SPF15+ and make up before I throw on a shift dress or jeans and a top and I’m out!

9am: Nothing happens before coffee though, as we all know, so it’s two cups at my fave coffee joint and then I’m off to see some existing stockists before lunch. I just love this part of my day, I get to chat away with them before they get too busy and organize their re-orders.  I also get a lot of great industry gossip too, which I love because it keeps me on top of fresh ideas and new trends.

Today, I’m also dropping off some polish bottles to a couple of lovely girls who are launching their fashion label this weekend in Brisbane. They are giving away gift bags and the press along with a bunch of brand ambassadors from Instagram will be there too, so finger crossed we get a little media coverage there!

1pm: Time for my standing Tuesday manicure appointment. I have natural nails and I love them short and square, so it’s a quick 20min buff and polish because I know it will look great all week long. My favourite salon only stocks my polishes these days because of their staying power and the fact the clients tend to buy the polishes once they try them, which is great! I get all warm and fuzzy when I hear that they’ve almost sold out each week. It’s a great sense of accomplishment that the market accepts and loves my product 😉

2pm: Off to visit some new potential stockists – this part is super cool! It means I get to essentially go shopping for new clients.  I’m always up for a chat once I’ve had a few coffees, so it’s fun to pour over the colours with new stockists, have a laugh and help them choose the colours they think their customers will like.

5.30pm-ish: Shops are closed now, so it’s time to head home and send out some invoices and order confirmations before I pack up any new orders and get them ready to deliver tomorrow before it all starts again. I check my diary and part of my day tomorrow will be to finalise our new Autumn and Winter colours for 2016. That sounds pretty exciting, but it means I have to turn 25 of my new favourite colours into a shortlist of ten… and that’s going to be difficult!! EEEK!

Be sure to keep an eye on our insta for the new range coming soon at @glossandco and remember to tag us in any images you upload – I love to see them!

To have your own Gloss & Co colours at home, head to and as a special treat, use the promotional code ‘WHYHELLOBEAUTY’ for 15% off all orders, and remember – all personal orders over $65 are eligible for free shipping in Australia.

Big love Glossies!

Simone xoxo


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