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Yesterday I mentioned within My Early 2016 Beauty Wishlist blog post yes supply, ‘a community of go-getters, girl bosses and creatives who only take yes for an answer’ created by lovely Reese Evans.

Yes Supply

I remembering reaching out to Reese straight away because ‘I have decided I have had enough of negativity and bad eating and all that jazz, so I want to promote positivity as much as possible and empower others, whilst empowering myself’ and the concept of yes supply enticed me straight away. I invited Reese to share a little bit more about yes supply, as I thought the concept of the community may resonate with you, just as it did with me.


Reese: “I started yes supply to help creative connect the dots between where they are, and where they want to be. I found that there was a huge gap online for advice from entrepreneurs that figured out how to make their dreams a reality.

Years ago I was struggling to become a stylist. I knew that I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how to go about it, and how to take the first step.  I kept getting caught up in the cycle of making everything perfect, and also found that a lot of people wanted you to work for free. It was so hard to get out of that realm of the struggling artist, into something that I could actually make a living off of. I found when I looked up other stylists online, in interviews their answers to the question “How did you do it?!” was always “I just fell into this job”.

Yes Supply2For someone like me, who was not handed opportunities, it felt so overwhelming to try and piece together a roadmap of achieving what I wanted. It seemed like the help that I really needed just did not exist. And everyone who I wanted to look up to made it seem like it was easy to start their successful careers. That’s why I created yes supply co.

I created it as a platform to have honest conversations with entrepreneurs who have made it, getting them to share the ins-and-outs of how they got to where they are. I created it for anyone who has an inkling of creativity who wants to do something meaningful with their life, something they love. In my interviews, I don’t gloss over the obstacles, or the struggles that my interviewees had to overcome. That’s the part that makes it real, and that my readers can relate to.

For someone who is just starting out, just deciding if they could really leave their job, there are going to be your fair share of obstacles, but the key is to keep your eyes on what you want, and look right over any obstacles that move into your way. I deal with obstacles every-single-day. From my email system not sending emails correctly, to facebook blocking me from writing comments in my own facebook group. But you really have to remember WHY you started out, and it will keep you focused.

I realized that this really is my calling in life. It makes me truly happy to empower others and help them get the tools they need to bring their idea into a reality while keeping a balance in their lives. But by reading a blog post once, it’s so easy to forget about it.

This lead me to launch Good Morning Beautiful, which is a daily uplifting email helping females own their morning rituals, and start their day feeling empowered.  I think that everyday we’re bombarded with ads and marketing that tells us we need to buy a new lipstick or outfit to be beautiful. This is a daily boost that helps us create better habits, and reminds us we’re gorgeous -no text from a boy needed.

Yes Supply3I find that a lot of us start our mornings scrolling through instagram, twitter, and facebook. We start our days getting so caught up in what everyone else is doing, that we are not aware of our own goals, we’re not present in the moment. This starts our day in a negative space, feeling like we don’t have the purses, smoothie bowls, or perfect contouring of the people we see on social media. This is obviously not all as real as it seems.

The Good Morning Beautiful email stops that habit. Every morning you’ll receive a message, reminding you to set your goal for the day, say a positive morning mantra to yourself so you’re not starting the day with negative self-talk, do a morning yoga pose or mediation, and I add also a tip on everything from building your confidence, to current events and conversation starters, to techniques on how to turn your passion into reality.

Since starting my days with Good Morning Beautiful, my days are SO good, and I’m not just saying that because I made it. It’s like I’m attracting even more positive energy into my life, and the response from the women who have signed up for it so far has been amazing. You can get started for free with Good Morning Beautiful here www.goodmorning.subscribemenow.

You can follow along the journey at, and on

See you there!”







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