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Q&A with Glamazon App Creator, Lauren Silvers

Glamazon, the newest beauty-full iPhone app that you have to know about. Want to know more? Meet Lauren, Founder and CEO of this amazing app!

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Firstly Lauren, what is Glamazon? Glamazon is Australia’s first real-time app to book and pay for salon appointments instantly. It allows customers to conveniently fill in vacant appointment slots at the best salons around Sydney.

What made you decide to venture into using an app for beauty appointments? What has the response from salons been? I’ve always found it difficult to get in touch with salons, and the process seemed a bit archaic to me. We use our mobile phones to book everything from taxis to restaurants so I didn’t understand why we couldn’t do the same for beauty appointments. It just seemed like an obvious concept to pursue and judging by the response from salons and customers I believe it was a great decision. Salons are happily generating more revenue and acquiring new customers so I’m pleased Glamazon has been able to help grow their businesses. On the other hand, I’m thrilled that customers are also positively reacting to the new technology.

How have you found social media in terms of boosting your profile? Social media is a really cool way to give my followers an insight into the world of Glamazon – from what inspires us as a company, to promoting our salons and even revealing what I do day-to-day. I don’t know if it necessarily boosts my profile, but it certainly allows us to authentically communicate with our audience, which is really special.

What has been your biggest achievement so far? Wow that’s a hard one – the past 2 years have been a rollercoaster ride! However, I would have to say my biggest achievement has been actually launching the app on the App Store. It sounds so simple but it was really thrilling to watch my dream turn into a reality in that one moment. Other than that, I definitely popped the champagne once I signed on my 100th salon and expanded interstate to Melbourne as well.

Do you have any new things on the horizon for the app in 2015? We have some really exciting things on the horizon for 2015! I feel like the last 6 months has merely been a testing ground for us and now we have an even better understanding of what customers and salons want. We are doing a bit of a relaunch this year with the introduction of a fitness component and male grooming section to the app, which will be really cool. You’ll also be able to find us on more devices than an iPhone but I can’t go into too much detail about that just yet!

Amazing! As always a huge thank you to Lauren for taking the time to chat with Why Hello Beauty. What do you think of Glamazon? Is this an app you would try in the future?


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