Hens Night Planning

So, last night I celebrated one of my dearest friends’ hen’s night and I couldn’t be more excited and happier for her. Not only did we get to celebrate a milestone in her life, but what better way to celebrate, than on Valentine’s Day! So, I decided to put together a little Hen’s Night 101 blog post for those gals thinking of helping their bestie plan a night of fun and champagne before she ties the knot! So, here is a list of hen’s night party planning tips to get you started on the right track:



Who to invite? Always ask the hen who she wants to invite to the party. Of course, if you’re planning a surprise hen’s party, you can’t ask, so check in with her fiancé and see who he may recommend including. If at all possible, ask the hen to split the guests into various categories. For example; the best friends (they need to be there so check their schedules as soon as possible), the acquaintances (invite them but they’re probably not as close to the bride, so it won’t be a huge deal if they all can’t make it), the in-laws (it’s probably best to invite them, but be sure to check with the bride, first) and those people the bride would prefer not to invite at all is always good to double check.

Where to go? This will depend on both the bride – and the budget. When you’re looking for hen’s night locations, ask the bride, of course, but if you can’t, again, ask some of the hen’s best friends or do some of your own location scouting.

If the venue involves travel and accommodation, expect the cost of the hen’s party to increase, so be sure that everyone attending is able to afford this on their individual budgets before planning anything too luxurious. You also want to consider the type of location in terms of how easy it is for everyone to get to. The last thing you need is for anyone to have to take a boat, plane and a car just to get to the party.

Ideally, you want somewhere that the entire group, especially the bride, can relax and let their hair down, but you also want a place that won’t be full of other hen parties!

What to do? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can just book accommodation and work out the rest when you get there, or that you can just turn up to a nightclub and expect your whole party to be let in. Make sure you have some type of plan in place, to avoid any issues on the night, including where you are going to eat and drink and, to make sure you’re not turned away because your ideal spot is full. Reservations are always a plus.

TIP: Why not send out an email with an itinerary (complete with maps) before the event to ensure the whole group is aware of the schedule and locations.

This way you won’t lose (too many) people. Also, be sure to consider what sort of person your hen is. What would she truly enjoy? Is she a party animal that wants to be clubbing until the wee hours of the morning? Or do you think she would prefer a relaxing spa day? Would she see the funny side of hiring a stripper? Or would a cooking class and a civilised dinner be more her style?A hen’s night is about the bride, not the person organising it, so be sure to consider this when planning what to do, so it is the most memorable evening for her.

Be prepared. Unless everyone in the group knows each other well, it can be hard to know how the dynamics of a hen’s party will work on the day or night. As the organiser, ensure the party remains lively and everybody feels included, so be prepared with games and little activities, just in case things start to get a bit quiet or there isn’t as much mingling as you expected.

Here are a couple of popular hen party activities:

  • Make a list of tasks the hen has to complete during the hen party, such as getting a single guy’s phone number, she must score at least one piggy-back from a stranger or she must, at some stage during the event, wear her bra outside her clothing.
  • Ask the groom questions prior to the hen’s party and then see how much the hen knows about him. For every right answer, she gets to nominate someone to down a shot but for every answer that is incorrect, she must take one herself.

The golden rules of a hen’s night:

  • The focus should always be on the bride-to-be. She should be centre stage at all times and should never be left on her own. Be sure to keep her champagne glass full and make sure she has everything she needs.
  • What happens at the hen’s party stays between those attending the hen’s party.
  • Have a theme, even if it’s as simple as requiring all guests to wear a pink t-shirt or something with glitter! This helps the group bond and adds a bit of fun, making it a hen’s party rather than just another night out with the gals. It also lets everyone know that this is a special night for the bride-to-be.
  • The group should always stay together. With the exception of those that run out of steam. Don’t split up or break into little groups. It’s about the bride being surrounded by her besties and having a great time.
  • Don’t ask the bride-to-be to do anything, even if she’s insisting. She should only have to turn up and enjoy herself.
  • Have the absolute best night of your lives and enjoy celebrating a special moment in the life of your best friend!
  • Have you planned a hen’s night before? Share your top tips below on ways to have a hiccup free night full of fun, laughs and plenty of champagne.


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