Introducing the natural skincare that is good enough to eat

If you’ve seen their aesthetically pleasing pumpkin mask on Instagram, you’ve probably heard about Andalou Naturals, a brand that combines natural ingredients with Fruit Stem Cell Science to create an effective range of natural skincare. When you consider that skin is our largest organ, and we apply products topically all day every day, it’s crucial to know exactly what is in our products for peace of mind. This is why Andalou Naturals’ formulations are powered by the fusion of nature and science, and are 98% nature derived, with no unnecessary nasties.


In 2011, Andalou became the first beauty brand to achieve 100% Non-GMO (non-genetically modified) Project Verification on every single product, which allows the brand to create quality, efficient formulas with nutrient rich ingredients, without the use of pesticides and unnecessary harsh chemicals.

Meet natural skincare derived from food

Andalou’s unique and innovative ingredients, most of which are derived from nutritious foods we eat such as Turmeric, Kombucha, Pumpkin or Avocado, can be found in their best-selling products, such as the Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask. Speaking of turmeric, which works to help improve skin tone and prevent signs of ageing, I suggest you try the Brightening Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum for maximum benefits.

We all enjoy a glass of kombucha for gut health, so why not try kombucha in your skincare? The Clear Skin Acai + Kombucha Oil Free Moisturiser uses Kombucha and Acai together to fortify and soothe the skin. Additionally, kombucha is also found in the Clear Skin Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel and helps brighten and detoxify the skin after a long day.


Avocado is chock full of antioxidants that nourish the skin (and hair!) and Andalou Naturals smartly included this star ingredient in their Age Defying Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask for your plumpest skin yet!

Vitamin C is a buzzword – and ingredient – of late,  and rightly so with many benefits to boast. So why not indulge in the Brightening Clementine + C Illuminating Toner for your first foray into a natural skincare brand?


If you’re concerned about the effects of pollution on your skin, or anti-pollution skincare ingredients, I recommend you try the Cannacell Dreamy Night Cream which uses potent antioxidants like hemp stem cells to  counteract oxidative damage and pollution assisting skin to achieve optimal health while you sleep! For the day, try the Cannacell Happy Day Cream for an extra boost of the good stuff.

Treat yourself to natural skincare now

Andalou Naturals’ products are all cruelty-free, gluten-free, and nature-derived, along with a range of vegan options. If you’re not sure which products to start with, I recommend taking the Andalou Naturals’ Skincare Quiz to find the best skincare for your individual skin type and/or skin concerns, and while you’re there – make sure to grab 15% off your first order!

To learn how to effectively begin to switch to cleaner, more natural skincare, Andalou Naturals have made it easy to understand the different ingredients and their skin benefits so that’s one less thing to worry about this year, which I’m sure we can all appreciate!


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