How To Use Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Nails are everywhere right now, especially in Australia. Being a heavy instagram user, I have heard of Jamberry for some time but didn’t realise their popularity until just recently. So I decided it was high time I got my head around Jamberry and all it offered.

Recently, I chatted with Jamberry’s Marketing Director Sarah Griener who gave me the full lowdown which I’ve shared below. Oh, and be sure to keep reading to see some images of my first DIY Jamberry manicure!


Hi Sarah! So tell me, what is Jamberry? Put simply, Jamberry nail wraps are a nail treatment that you can use to apply a wide variety of styles of nail art to your nails from the comfort of your own home. They use a DIY heat and pressure application method and can last up to two weeks on your fingers and four weeks on your toes.

What is the difference with nail wraps as opposed to nail polish/ gel polish? Jamberry nail wraps are made with a solid film covering, so not only do you not have to worry about drying time, but your nails will never flake or chip. With nail wraps, you can also achieve intricate nail art looks in just minutes that would be nearly impossible to create by hand, especially by yourself on both hands.

Is Jamberry different to the nail wraps seen in beauty supply stores and nail foils? One of the biggest differences is the amount of variety Jamberry has to offer. With a catalogue that contains nearly 300 designs and limited edition designs coming out each month and with each holiday, everyone is sure to be able to find a wrap they love!

What is your advice for long-lasting gorgeous Jamberry nails, Sarah? Properly prepping your nails is one of the most important steps in applying your Jamberry nail wraps. Nails must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, oils, or dried cuticles before applying your wraps.

I notice you can become a rep of Jamberry to ensure an endless supply of Jamberry and also make a little cash, tell me more! Women across the world (Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and Puerto Rico) can partner with Jamberry as independent business owners for the opportunity to run their own Jamberry business. As an Independent Consultant, these women are able to earn commissions, bonuses, and even incentive gifts and trips as they represent the Jamberry brand and help their friends try the product and express their personal style.

Sarah, is  there anything else you would like my readers to know? Jamberry is a company that was founded by women (three sisters) to empower women to express their own personal style and to make life beautiful. In addition to our wide variety of nail wraps, Jamberry also offers a line of Professional Nail Lacquer, a DIY at home Gel Enamel System, as well as a variety of nail and hand care products.

The range of nail wraps is mind blowing and I’ve popped a link below for you to scroll through all of the designs.

From the Runway | Graphic Punch | Garden Party | Simple & Chic | Animal Instinct | Jamberry Juniors | Sports & Hobbies | Nail Lacquer | TrūShine Gel Enamel | Hand & Nail Care

Now I promise you some snaps of my first Jamberry mani, so here you are. I used the wrap B015 Pretty in Pink for some Spring fun! I’ve also listed my top tips for flawless manicure below.

  • Swiftly pull the nail wrap from the backing and place onto an orange stick/ nail scissors and place over a heat source (i.e a candle) for a few seconds, until you see the wrap begin to gently drop.
  • With a pliable wrap, place over the nail and use an orange stick to adhere the wrap neatly and securely to the nail.
  • Trim around your natural nails with tiny scissors and at a 90 degree angle, use a nail file to file away the remaining wrap.
  • That’s it! Repeat to each nail and voila – how easy is that?!Jamberry 5

Will you try Jamberry Nails for your next manicure?

Be sure to tag me in your social media snaps, I’d love to see what designs you’ve chosen!

Have a fabulous week babes <3


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