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Megan Quint-Gressel is the creator of The Quintessentials Blog which has of late, turned into the most fabulous pregnancy style fashion blog – like ever!

I originally featured lovely Megan on the previous Why Hello Beauty website but thought I would re-feature Megan because I am such a fan. Plus she’s from San Francisco and I adore that place, the food is amazingggggg – clam chowder anyone? Okay, back to beauty blogging now! Even if you are not pregnant, you will still find endless style inspo on Megan’s blog, she just is SO fabulous!

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Q: Hi Megan ,where you are from? 

A: I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I currently reside) but before I moved back here I spent 7 years living in Los Angeles, which I think has really influenced me, especially in my style.

Q: How did your blog come about? 

A: When I first graduated college I was really underwhelmed by the working world. I wasn’t prepared to sit in a chair for 9 hours a day and stare at a computer, my brain felt completely under-stimulated. I started a fashion-reporting blog by a different name to help keep my mind active. It wasn’t until a year ago that I bought a camera, rebranded to “The Quintessentials”, and started shooting personal style looks. That rebranding came about after I quit my job and moved back to the Bay Area without any real plan, it was my comfort in a whole lot of chaos!

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I recently took a trip to Europe and was so inspired by the women of France and Italy. The women in Paris really understand how to look natural while still looking incredibly stylish. The completely embrace their flaws; crooked teeth and messy hair look impeccable on them somehow and I think it’s because they just own it. They are the perfect balance of trendy and classic.  I also find the fashion choices between San Francisco and LA to be fascinating, so I definitely try to combine a little bit from the various places I see!

Q: What are your favorite hair care products?

A: I have never been much for designer hair care, I am a drugstore kinda gal! But after recently going a little lighter my hair is extra damaged. I switched to Pureology from my usual drugstore brands and love the scent and what it’s doing for my hair. I usually only wash 2-3 times a week, so in between washes I like One Love Organics Dry Shampoo and Klorane Dry Shampoo. I also usually let argon oil soak into the ends of my hair overnight 2-3 times a week – I get it in bulk on amazon.

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Q: What is your favorite lipstick?

A: Day-to-day I just throw on lip balm and maybe a very pale sheer color. (I love Nuxe Reve de Miel for my lips and Maybelline color whisper in “Petal Rebel” for just a dash of color). When I do wear lipstick (usually only on the weekends) I go for bold pigments – I love the Maybelline Vivids line for bold reds and deep mauves.

Q: What are your favorite fashion brands /stores?

A: Impossible to choose! This is going to sound boring, but I love just mixing inexpensive pieces from the Zara’s and Asos of the world with high end pieces or vintage items. I like stealing jewelry from my mom, she has great costume pieces from the 70’s and 80’s. I also love finding local boutiques wherever I am – that’s really the ultimate score!

Q: What is your holy grail makeup product?

A: I’ve tried every mascara under the sun, but nothing beats Maybelline Cat Eyes in Glam Black – I’ve been using it since college. Also Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer – it’s too heavy for day to day, but when you really need to cover a pimple or major dark circles, nothing beats it!

Q: Any career highlights, Megan?

A: It’s still so early on for me, but the highlight so far is probably that the blog allows me to express myself in a way I never have been able to before – I am a homebody so without the blog to push me I’d probably just hang by myself with Netflix and takeout every weekend. It also allows me to explore new places to get fun new backdrops for our shots! Plus, it’s given my husband and I something new to bond over since he takes so many of my photos.

Thank you Megan for spending a few minutes with me, I cannot wait for you to meet your bundle of joy – she will SO stylish!


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