A Day in the Life of Lydia Barca, of Miss Lydia Beauty

Lydia says: “Ever since I was little I absolutely loved all things beauty. Being in the industry since I was quite young gave me time to see what my true passion is, lashes and beauty. Hiring a room and working alongside two amazing therapists at Zuri Beauty in Parkdale is how my days roll out.

The girls at Zuri offer everything that I don’t, think luxurious facials and massages to spray tans and waxing, so we are definitely your one stop shop!”


On the far right is Lydia, Lydia’s sister Jess in the middle and Jess’ business partner Mel on the left!

“I usually work Monday to Saturday with 2 late nights (Wednesday till 7pm and Thursday till 9pm) but a typical day looks similar to the below;

I wake up 7am, have a shower and breaky, which is usually boiled eggs to get me through the long work days.  I leave for work around 8ish, set up my work station whilst having my morning coffee from our local deli down the road (sometimes a white choc chip & raspberry muffin if we are wanting a cheeky snack!) and reply to clients before a 9am start.

Most days are fully booked with eyelash extensions and bio sculpture gel manicures or pedicures. Usually we all try to have lunch at the same time to wind down at around 3pm but it’s always changing.

Come the weekend, which for me is end of the work day Saturday, is usually spent with family and friends, either going out for dinners or having causal drinks to unwind from a busy week!”.



Lydia Barca of Miss Lydia Beauty

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