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I am totally repping Ms. Soho lately, I am loving their range of facial masks! Ms. Soho promises ‘products inspired by the fresh faces that fill the streets of the ever stylish suburb of Soho, New York’. These products come in the forms of full face, lips and eye masks, all featuring the claim of beautiful skin. I have detailed below the first two treatments trialled; The Beautitox and Collagen Lip Plump treatments.


Ms. Soho says this of #thebeautitox:

Ms. Soho’s beautitox is a five day treatment that is a complete detoxification for you skin. It includes five different face masks, all of which have their own unique benefits.


DAY ONE // ALOE VERA: Calms and soothes skin, fades any redness and blemishes, and begins to activate and regenerate cells.
DAY TWO // GRAPE: Powerfully nourishes skin to reduce fine lines, restore firmness and promote anti-ageing.
DAY THREE // BLACKBERRY: Extracts grime and dirt from the skin to thoroughly detox your pores, whilst balancing oils.

DAY FOUR // FIG: Softens the harshness of skin in order to help brighten and shine the complexion.
DAY FIVE // GREEN OLIVE: Replenishes moisture into the skin to hydrate and refresh, whilst supplying and reserving collagen.

My thoughts are:

– The cloth is much thinner than I am used to (think Lonvitalite) and once left on for some time, does dry out but this doesn’t affect the skin at all

– There is knack to applying the face mask as it’s flimsy but it does have a thick backing on it, which makes it SO much easier to smooth over your face. It then gets peeled off to leave the cloth mask on

– I found by day 5 I had NO dryness or flaking off skin on my forehead whatsoever, which I was very impressed with. The last few weeks I have been dryness central, I assume from the weather, and this fixed it!

– There was no incredible before and after but my skin certainly felt plumper, softer, smoother and more even toned!



Ms Soho B&AMs. Soho says of the #lipplump:

Ms. Soho’s collagen cleanse: lip plump is a three day treatment that helps replenish your lips with collagen to leave them full, luscious and plump. The cleanse comes with three lip masks, all of which are made with collagen and 24k gold. When you put the mask on your mouth, your lips are absorbing the collagen first hand. Use one mask each day at any convenient time, and continue this for all three days. At the completion of your collagen cleanse: lip plump you will be able to see and appreciate the benefits of your cleanse.

My thoughts are:

– simply look above at my before and after, no denying the plumpness!
– quick and easy, it’s just a three night lip mask which will produce mint results.

Keep an eye on Why Hello Beauty as I will continue to post reviews on the forthcoming Ms. Soho treatments!

Have you tried any yourself yet?


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