What You Need to Know About Nail Hygiene

My blog is a place where I can share what I know with you but sometimes I also need to call in professionals to share their expert knowledge. Recently it was Lenita Cundari, today it is Kirby Holland. Kirby is the owner of Kirby Holland Beauty Massage & Nails, and today she will chat nail hygiene and what you need to keep in mind whilst pampering those claws of yours!


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Nails service’s in Australia are big business. From a basic manicure to nail extensions, so much money is poured into this section of the beauty world. For some people, nails are a must. They simply can live without beautifully manicured nails but what are the risk’s associated with this necessity?

Over the years there have been many programs like Current Affair and Today Tonight (does anyone remember that show?) claiming to expose the dangers within nail industry, giving us nail tech’s a bad name. Like anything in this world, there is risk associated everything we do and this story is not to scare you but simply make you more aware of what can happen if you are exposed to bad hygiene practices in a salon.

So what does bad hygiene practices look like in a salon? 

Some signs are obvious and others are not. For example, grubby floors and walls and dust everywhere, doesn’t scream cleanliness. Look more closely to your nail tech’s table. Is it dust and dirt free? Does it feel dry? By the way dryness is good sign, it means it has been wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant. Nail files should never look discoloured, torn or damp and metal implements should look shiny with no signs dirt and grime from the previous client. Pedicurebowls and spas are a breeding ground for bacteria and they can be really difficult to disinfect. Spas have to cleaned and dried after every client, which can be tough if there are a high turnover of clients so be very weary when you are dipping your feet into a pedi spa. It can take only one spa that hasn’t been completely drained from the previous client to be at risk of developing and infection.

Have you ever had a nail service, particularly a pedicure and notice the skin around your nails are really sore? Over the years I have had many clients come to me with some pretty bad horror stories. Implements like nippers, scissors, clippers, drills and cuticle pushers have the capacity to break the skin and take healthy skin with it. Never let someone use a callous remover blade on you, other than a trained podiatrist. These things can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. I remember a lady who had a blade used of her feet, so much healthy skin was taken off resulting in her not being able to walk for a few days!

I hope I haven’t scared you all into thinking you are going to get a fungus at your next nail appointment but there is good news: the majority of nail techs do the right thing. Good hygiene looks like nail technicians wiping down tables and chairs with a hospital grade disinfectant after every client, washing their hands, washing, disinfecting and air drying metal implements in a dry sterilized area or autoclave. Files and buffing blocks also have similar cleaning procedures.

Salons must have good housekeeping skills and if you don’t feel they meet those standard then select a different salon for your next appointment.

Below I have put together a quick guide on ensuring your health when visiting your nail technician;

  • Always disclose if you have or had any infections, fungus’s or disorders regarding your hands and feet.
  • Take note of the nail tech cleanliness and nails; never trust a nail tech with bad nails!
  • Look around at the salon, does it look and feel clean? 
  • Are employee’s wearing dust masks? If so, leave immediately.
  • Are foot spas dry before use?
  • Only use a qualified nail tech.
  • Always look at the implements that are being used on you, say something if they don’t look right.

Hygiene is probably not something you have ever thought of when getting your nails done, but it is incredibly important to your health to be wearing of what is happening around you. No one likes to walk away with more than you bargained for. Be aware and have great nails!

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