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Review | The Goodnight Co.

When The Goodnight Co. reached out to Why Hello Beauty and asked if I was interested in trialling a silk pillowcase for a great nights sleep, it was after a long week at work and I was beyond excited to get my paws on something to facilitate a fabulous nights sleep. A few days later a pretty little package arrived containing the following; a Silk Eye Mask, 1 x Pink Silk Pillowcase and a handful of Sweet Dream Crystals.

The goodnight co

How can using silk give you an amazing beauty sleep?

Across the globe, dermatologists are quick to recommend sleeping on silk. Evident by the visible improvements to your hair, skin and sleeping patterns – silk is the winning material for pillow cases. With The Goodnight Co’s 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases, you’ll be left with smooth and supple hair, glowing skin and a radiant complexion that comes from a good night’s sleep. By eliminating friction and moisture loss, our silk pillowslips will also help you stop suffering from ‘bed hair and minimise fine lines, and sleep creases.

Being naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, our silk pillowcases will also help regulate your body temperature – ensuring you can get a great night’s sleep in all climates.

How can crystals help a peaceful sleep?

The Goodnight Co. set include amethyst and howlite stones to improve your sleeping experience.

  • Amethyst stimulates healing, regulates the imbalances in your life and encourages lucid dreaming.
  • Howlite is a super stone that slows down overactivity in the mind and helps you achieve a deep and restful sleep.

No word of a lie, my head hit the pillow and I was out for a good nine hours and didn’t even wake up once, not even for a my nightly toilet run about 2am – so impressed! I now wash and wear the silk pillowcase each night and use the eye mask when my fiancé is up late reading / watching tv – it’s such a luxurious experience sleeping on silk and feeling the crystals energy surrounding you. The pink pillowcase is so cute and allows me to indulge in girly bed linen on my side of the bed!

If you are also interested in a heavenly night sleep, The Goodnight Co. are offering free express shipping to AUS for all orders over $100.00.

Be sure to follow The Goodnight Co. on social media and check out their online shop, via facebook | instagram | website.


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