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If you read Why Hello Beauty’s blog newsletter, you’ll know that recently I’ve incorporated two The Beauty Chef products into my diet and skincare regime. I’ve always been interested in beauty supplements and when the opportunity to trial these products arrived, it was a big ‘yes please!’. So to target my skin from the inside out, I was provided with Collagen Inner Beauty Boost and Probiotic Skin Refiner and I’m am so excited to share my rave review.

I know I should be taking extra supplements but after trialling Chlorophyll over the last few years (and begrudgingly adding a big drop to my daily water bottle), I had this idea that all supplements taste green and gross. SO NOT TRUE. Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, which unsurprisingly, boosts your beauty from within and literally tastes like yummy red cordial. Not too sickly and can be made as weak as possible but I read online ‘don’t be scared to double dose’ so most days, I’ve been taking a glass or two!

It’s created as extra nutrition for your skin and the ingredients within support and promote a more radiant + plumped complexion. I already take a probiotic supplement daily for tummy troubles but this baby itself contains more than six-billion naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics per 15ml serve, to balance the digestive tract whilst boosting  skin vitality.

Inner Beauty Boost

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With the blend of berry powders (certified Organic maqui berry, acai, papaya, blueberry, goji-berry and pomegranate powders with grape-seed extract) and their rich antioxidants, this formula is a supercharged, bioactive concentrate – COLLAGEN.

I  feel rather unsurprisingly, Collagen Inner Beauty Boost contains no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and dairy, sugar and gluten free. Each morning (and some evenings too!) I simply add a capful of the red goo goodness to a glass of cold water and make sure no drop is left behind 😉

Now, the next product I want to share with you, is the Probiotic Skin Refiner. After I shower each morning, I cleanse and use this product as my toner. This product, to quote The Beauty Chef Carla herself, is an exfoliator, skin hydrator + collagen booster all in one. The ingredient list is full of Certified Organic grains, seeds, grasses, fruits, algae, veggies and herbs – whew that’s more than I eat each day! This product works to improve the skins moisturisation from within and plump up fine lines and wrinkles, after removing the dead skin cells on top, all simply by swiping over a damp cotton pad.

Skin Refiner

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I could go into so much more detail here but I feel all you really need to know is it’s my new HG toner. I do follow through with moistuiser afterwards as my skin is super dry, esp. this time of year, but I believe that if you had normal skin, you could totes go without and revel in the beauty goodness all by itself!

These products are so lovely and luxurious and have become an absolute staple in my bathroom + kitchen. I’ve found my face is much more hydrated but also, taking the supplement in the morning has prompted me to up my water intake and also keep an eye on my diet as I don’t want to wreck all the goodness I’m putting inside my body/temple – my new way of thinking. The dryness on my upper arms has also subsided and all this has happened within 3-4 weeks – I’m thrilled 🙂

I absolutely will purchase these products for myself and over the last few weeks I have found myself further researching health + skin supplements and have a few more gems to add to my morning routine, which I will no doubt share with you in the coming weeks. Sign up to The Beauty Chef website and receive a 10% discount and if you spend $100+, shipping is free!


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