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Update | Foreo LUNA & Special Offer

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Happy Hump Day all!  Today’s post is an update on my skin after an extended period of time using Foreo LUNA Mini.

If you’ve read my post on my initial impressions of Foreo LUNA, you’d know I was a huge fan of the new vibrating facial cleaner LUNA. With two sizes to choose from (I have the Mini) and endless benefits as listed in my Foreo LUNA v The Clarisonic blog post, it’s an absolute bathroom staple.

I have found the pesky dry spots around my chin and nose area have diminished and only reoccur if I forget (get lazy) to use the LUNA Mini for a few days! Moisturiser absorbs into my skin faster and more readily than if I was to simply cleanse with a cleanser which for a big makeup wearer, is a huge plus. When moisturiser fails to absorb into and sits on the skin, it’s never a good look…..

If you wish to try out the LUNA for yourself, then you’re in luck because….. I have a special offer of course! You can score 10% of a LUNA purchase with FREE SHIPPING from 26/08/15 – 16/09/15 by simply entering the code WHYHELLO on checkout. For my US readers, the code runs from 8/26/15 – 9/16/15.

Be sure to tag me in your posts if you pick one up, I’d love to know your feedback too!

Foreo Luna

Here’s to a smooth downhill run to the weekend and a sneaky wine on Friday evening!


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